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Yesterday the supreme court ruled Obama’s healthcare reform constitutional. I wish I could feign surprise but I knew this would happen. Giving the rubber stamp to the disastrous legislation was a fata complete. The individual mandate is just the beginning of what is wrong with the bill. From taking over a completely unrelated industry so the could hide the real costs to death panels and cutting medicare obamacare is a cruel hoax. This bill is a fascist tax paid to private interests designed to expand government power, limit freedom and implement neo eugenics. Unfortunately most of us fell into the trap and assumed the bill would be socialism. The sad truth is that socialism would be a huge improvement for Obamacare since it’s actually far worse.

Look at all the other federal programs supposedly designed to create a safety net for the poor and elderly. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security have all been a means by which the federal government has purchased votes and stolen from the people. Mismanaged by design we have become debt slaves and Obamacare will only drag us deeper into a dark abyss    of nanny state control freak hell.

Romney will not save us, republicants will not stop the ship from sinking. We need to implement social programs and legislation from a local level or we will become serfs. The federal government is out of control and must be brought to its knees through a peaceful revolution. This means uniting people around limited government and states rights. We must not let the divide and conquer hypnosis continue.

Dissolve the DHS

Destroy the DEA

Dismantle the DOE

Debunk the IRS

De-bage the ATF

Demand Freedom and Decapitate Tyranny.



Vote Republican, for now.

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How a political party can win majority’s and the white house for the next decade, and why neither party would ever do it.

*Commit to fiscal sanity. This coud be done relatively slowly  as long as there was a clear plan with teeth.

*Abandon social issues and leave them to the states. Even Republicans should campaign away from the religious right. Where are these voters going to go? Rally the base on fiscal issues.

*Republicans should now use our fiscal problems as an excuse to bring the troops home. We should focus on controlling our borders and maintaining our deterrence on russia and china. The nation building needs to end and we don’t need a global police force instead of a real military. There is a marked difference and neither can do the others job.

*Stop harassing the people. Stop raiding marijuana dealers when they do not violate state statutes. (stop entirely for that matter) Stop telling people what kind of light bulb to buy, what kind of car to drive, what kind of insurance to carry. We don’t need politicians who do some of these things and point to the ones they don’t do. STOP HARASSING THE PEOPLE ENTIRELY!!

This is simple and would win an election almost anywhere when the opposition is against the constitution and the bill of rights. A party with this platform would cause record voter registration and revolutionize the political process.

The reason both party’s are loath to do it is because the élite core are in an evil partnership with each other. They know that both party’s must be dirty to keep the establishment in power, so they each take half of the tyranny blame. Elections become about which of your rights you would rather give up.

This is the state of the nation and it is incredibly dangerous. On Tuesday November 2nd I will vote Republican. On Wednesday the 3rd I will start campaigning against the person I elected. We need every Patriot to do the same if we hope to return to constitutional government in DC.

What I stand for.

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Half my family lives in Brazil. Some of them are forever trying to get me to move there. They know I’m not exactly thrilled with the way this country is run, I’m not sure why they think I would like Brazil any better. corruption in country’s like Brazil is even worse than here. Not only that but these people have no individual rights. For example, Private citizens cannot own firearms. People in Brazil might say “why would we need guns?”, they would mock the very idea but think nothing of their police officers carrying a second unregistered pistol. These pistols are carried for the express purpose of avoiding paperwork in hairy situations. What hypocrisy, I could never live under such a system.

So what system do I promote? What should government look like? Personally I look to the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Declaration of Independence. When reading these documents I see how our founding fathers viewed government. They felt that Government would always drift towards corruption and tyranny. For this reason they placed checks and balances. They laid out a constitution that held individual rights above the rights of the collective. The founders told us that the purpose of government was to protect our god given rights.

Our system is magnificent in this country and that is why I would never leave. The problem is that it has been perverted. Our politicians don’t know anything about what this governments proper role is. Our president views the constitution as a ‘ list of negative rights, saying what the government cannot do. Rather than what it must do on our behalf.’ Our politicians are VERY confused.

The General Welfare clause for example. This is the most misunderstood and misapplied body of words in US law. When our founders wrote that the government should ‘promote or provide for the general welfare of the United States of America.’ They did NOT intend for this to mean that the government should or could do anything that was generally good for the collective. What they ment was that government should have the power to levy taxes or pass laws that would promote or provide for the needs of the union itself as an institution. Our leaders, and the supreme court now expect us to believe that these words empowered government to take private property from one person and give it to another. A complete perversion.

Why would they lay out specific enumerated powers and then say ‘anything that’s in the common good is cool too’. Talk about wishy washy. That would make no sense at all. As Mr. Obama clearly understands even if he does not agree, our constitution gives the federal government specific powers with which to protect our god given individual rights. The 10th amendment also states quite clearly that all powers not given are reserved for the states or the people. There is NOTHING in the constitution that empowers the federal government to redistribute wealth, create a ponzi scheme retirement racket, or health insurance racket. There is nothing that empowers the federal government to police the people with the FBI, DEA or ATF. In fact 90% of what our modern federal government does is extra constitutional. Meanwhile what it SHOULD be doing it refuses to do. Control the boarders, Control currency, protect our human rights.

The system I promote is one that is true to the Bill of Rights and Constitution. It’s really that simple. We must wake people up to the reality that our government has perverted our founding documents and become a corporate institution that truly views the people as slaves. The infowar is about a restoration of our founding principles. A return to the rule of law. Abandoning the imperialist model and handing the government back to the people.

The Green-Tea Revolution

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It’s time for the green revolution. The REAL change that will solidify the freedom movement. 

My friends we don’t need to live this way. We don’t need to live under the boot of a system that seeks only to leach from us. Some of you know that since the million  plus tea-party in DC I’ve been searching for the next step. For myself, For my family, For our movement.

It’s time to homestead. There is so much empty land out there. The technology boom has made it possible to move into the wilderness and live with all our modern conveniences while being completely off the grid. Nevermind defeating these people politically. They want to ignore us. We should return the favor.

 Let them pass a carbon tax, we can set up our own wind, solar, hydro or diesel power. Gas tax? We can make our own biodiesel. You can buy good property for $2000/acre or less. You can buy an RV on Ebay for a couple grand. A solar power generator that will power everything  for $4000. Some of you pay that much per month to the electric company. Move away and build a home nobody can take away, where the taxes are just a couple dollars a year.

You don’t need to be a slave to your home, your debt, your lifestyle. If we stop buying all this junk we could save a lot of money. Buy storable food, by seeds and flashlights and camping gear. Take self-defense courses, wilderness Survival training. Start saving your money, get a second job. Even better get a second job as a carpenter, or on a farm. Focus on learning and just bank the cash. $50,000 could get you reasonably established. With some inspiration you could make a LIFE for yourself and your children. This system will collapse, It can fall ON you or it can slowly disintegrate under the pressure of its own largess.

Carbon Credits?  The Green revolution is about getting off the grid. Stop funding the criminal government that has declared war on the people. Mad about taxes? Erase your income, retire. Refuse to work for a depraved system.

Abandon the city’s! Do any of us truly want to hang around the suburbs waiting to see where all this will lead? Study history and you will see this has all happened before. It Was Written. But god and fate help those who help themselves. The cards can’t be changed but we can play them as we please. Stop playing by the establishment rules!   

I have no doubt that no matter who we elect the establishment will ignore the real issues. They will play on our differences and divide us. DONT LET THEM! Focus on the fact that we all agree Washington is broken. Our Constitutional Republic has been perverted by a gang of demagogues  fighting over the power to loot the people.

Refuse to pay the taxes by abandoning any behaviour they tax. Make your own alcohol, Grow your own food, Generate your own electricity. We dont need the system anymore.

Not only do we have the technology to be free. We have the numbers to defeat the enemy peacefully. The criminal banking cartel and the super rich robber barons that control our government are completely helpless. The truth is they can’t sustain their system without the masses of hard working people they mock and murder.



*Save your money

*Prepare for independence

*Educate yourself.

*Join the resistance.

Reaction to Rush/American Spectator. ‘Lets Live United’

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The very foundations of the political norm are shaking. Rush Limbaugh exposing the real power structure is as he said, decades in the making. It’s time for everyone to put the cards on the table.

We The People Must Stand Up and get off our knees. It’s time to put up or shut up. There is no more tomorrow. What we are seeing here is history in the making. We must wrestle the reigns of power out of the hands of Washington DC and into the hands of the people through the states, the constitution and bill of rights.

It’s not going to be easy. We must fight a balls to the walls infowar against the establishment while getting more involved with our local communities and tightening our financial belts. It will be hard and it will take the whole measure of a decade to acheive our goals.

The good news is we have the technology, we have the ability and we have the opportunity. A smaller government and more freedom is within grasp. We must come together and realise that the devisions are an illusion. The party’s are a farce, the theatre is a phony hoax.

Look behind the curtains and see the political class for what it is.

We still have the pioneering spirit coursing through our veins. 200 years of the best of the best seeking freedom and enduring unspeakable hardship. Fighting and defeating the British twice in war was no easy task. We don’t need to shoot these miserable power junkies.  We can expose them and restore our freedoms so easily, peacefully if we understand 90% of us are on the same side and the 10% is trying to divide us.

We have the mechanisms. We have common law, natural law, the magna carta, the declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights.

It’s time to re-declare our independence. The right revolution will unite us and forever forge the nation into one free people. We and all our forbearer’s  came here to escape a ruling class that was hellbent on dominating them.

Cut ANY American and Freedom pours from his veins unrelentingly. He needs only for it to be pointed out to him. From the Mayflower to former slaves fighting for freedom against an empire and later a confederacy bankrolled by agents of British finance. The Scotts and Irish who settled the mountains and resisted the federal alcohol tax. The Chinese workers who laid the rail roads. All willing to work to death for a chance at being free and independent. Together we represent the absolute best of our species. We have simply forgotten what we have in common, and forgotten our history. It’s time we remember.




Rush discussing the “ruling class” and why Republicans betray the people: 

American Spectator Article by Angello M. Codavilla June-Agust 2010:

Left VS Right; the false paradigm

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I disagree with almost everything said by obbop on liberal vs conservative. I suspect however that he would define “liberal” and “conservative” people differently than would I. I myself am a right leaning libertarian but I vote “conservative” because I have chosen to believe that it is the lessor of two evils.

I think that at least 60% of Americans are libertarian constitutionalists. Some lean right, some lean left. The problem is that right and left have gone so far in either direction they are starting to meet in the middle at total government control. The demographics of both primary political party’s have been designed to divide. The argument has become about which party is more or less unconstitutional. 90% of these people are criminals and have been to a ever growing degree for decades.

Prepare for Government Collapse.

Pray For a peaceful return to constitutional government.

A Case of Principal

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This Saturday September the 12th In will travel to Washington DC at great personal expense. It’s no vacation, Nobody is paying my way, myself and my family have things we would rather do with our time and money. Weather or not anyone understands, Even if I am a lone warrior I owe it to my grandfather who walked me through the historical streets of Boston. I musts stand up even if it is too late to change anything.

Our founders did not envision this. Bush, Obama, bailouts, Stimulous, Patriot Act, all a big con. NO MORE BIG GOVERNMENT.




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