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Yesterday the supreme court ruled Obama’s healthcare reform constitutional. I wish I could feign surprise but I knew this would happen. Giving the rubber stamp to the disastrous legislation was a fata complete. The individual mandate is just the beginning of what is wrong with the bill. From taking over a completely unrelated industry so the could hide the real costs to death panels and cutting medicare obamacare is a cruel hoax. This bill is a fascist tax paid to private interests designed to expand government power, limit freedom and implement neo eugenics. Unfortunately most of us fell into the trap and assumed the bill would be socialism. The sad truth is that socialism would be a huge improvement for Obamacare since it’s actually far worse.

Look at all the other federal programs supposedly designed to create a safety net for the poor and elderly. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security have all been a means by which the federal government has purchased votes and stolen from the people. Mismanaged by design we have become debt slaves and Obamacare will only drag us deeper into a dark abyss    of nanny state control freak hell.

Romney will not save us, republicants will not stop the ship from sinking. We need to implement social programs and legislation from a local level or we will become serfs. The federal government is out of control and must be brought to its knees through a peaceful revolution. This means uniting people around limited government and states rights. We must not let the divide and conquer hypnosis continue.

Dissolve the DHS

Destroy the DEA

Dismantle the DOE

Debunk the IRS

De-bage the ATF

Demand Freedom and Decapitate Tyranny.




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YouTube – President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2.

Glenn Beck Called Obama a Racist?!

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1st of all the liberal shock is ridiculous. The idea has been discussed ad nausea already because of things that Obama said as a senator. “Typical White Person”, “Economic Justice” etc…

So when the media acts like its crazy to think the president could be a racist they are engaging in blatant propaganda. The way Obama handled Gates-Gate is simply ANOTHER example in a string of things pointing to that possibility. Heck he even nominated a racist  to serve on the supreme court.


BlackTino Liberal Juan Williams along with many other minority’s expressed extreme concerns and in some cases disgust in reaction to Obama’s saying “the cambridge police acted Stupidly”. Barrack Obama weighed in on a local matter that involved his “freind” Henry Louis Gates and after admitting he didn’t have all the facts assumed the police were in the wrong.

The you tube of Juan Williams and other pundits of various races are in the non-believers page located on the right side of your screen. Decide for yourself.

Mr. Gates refused to show the police officer his Drivers License. He yelled at him, called him a racist, referred to his “momma”  Mr.Gates in his own words “Got in his Face” he said  “Do you know who I am?” “You don’t know who you’re fucking with”. Clearly Skip Gates is in the wrong.

images[8]I believe that both Gates and Obama are too smart to make these mistakes. I watched all this unfold thinking that it made no sense. Gates calls Jim Crowley who might just be the LEAST racist white cop in the country a racist, gets himself arrested despite Crowley clearly doing everything he could to avoid it. This is an ivy league educated southern black man who has surely seen REAL racism.

Mr.Obama Is a Harvard graduate who spent a year on the most televised campaign in modern history. AFTER saying he was biased AND didn’t have all the facts he paused thought about it and said the word “stupidly”. Are you kidding me? Am I living in Bizarro Land where up is down and down is up?

It is obvious to me that this was an engineered event designed to divide, anger and distract. Obama got to change the subject after bungling his health care agenda and outright lieing about the cost of the proposal. Gates will surely make millions over his career due to the extra exposure the president gave him.

The only other explanation is that these two men are incredibly stupid. We know they re the result of affirmative action, but maybe these Ivy league campuses are more watered down than we thought. Is it possible that this is the level of intelligence previlent on the Harvard campus?

120972845562768[1]Either way I am disgusted by this whole event. This was supposed to be the “post-race” presidency. Obama was supposed to be smarter than George Bush. If this wasn’t done intentionally than Obama makes Bush look like a goddamn Isaac Newton.

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