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Yesterday the supreme court ruled Obama’s healthcare reform constitutional. I wish I could feign surprise but I knew this would happen. Giving the rubber stamp to the disastrous legislation was a fata complete. The individual mandate is just the beginning of what is wrong with the bill. From taking over a completely unrelated industry so the could hide the real costs to death panels and cutting medicare obamacare is a cruel hoax. This bill is a fascist tax paid to private interests designed to expand government power, limit freedom and implement neo eugenics. Unfortunately most of us fell into the trap and assumed the bill would be socialism. The sad truth is that socialism would be a huge improvement for Obamacare since it’s actually far worse.

Look at all the other federal programs supposedly designed to create a safety net for the poor and elderly. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security have all been a means by which the federal government has purchased votes and stolen from the people. Mismanaged by design we have become debt slaves and Obamacare will only drag us deeper into a dark abyss    of nanny state control freak hell.

Romney will not save us, republicants will not stop the ship from sinking. We need to implement social programs and legislation from a local level or we will become serfs. The federal government is out of control and must be brought to its knees through a peaceful revolution. This means uniting people around limited government and states rights. We must not let the divide and conquer hypnosis continue.

Dissolve the DHS

Destroy the DEA

Dismantle the DOE

Debunk the IRS

De-bage the ATF

Demand Freedom and Decapitate Tyranny.



Mc-EE-Deez gets Waiver on Health Care

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Reported yesterday McDonald’s and 29 other companies got waivers for some key health care provisions.

Breaking News!!!

CEO’s scuttle around like shellfish trying to see someone in government for a waiver.

No principle, Wont come out against anything, some even supported the “health care reform” bill. These little boot lickers fall inline fast.

The Media makes it sound like an out in out waiver specifically naming McDonald’s and others. If this is true I would expect it to be completely illegal. I would expect them to craft some amendment that would by virtue of its specifics grant these “waivers” to a  small group of company’s. However if this names a specific company I would say it’s clearly unconstitutional under equal protection.

If its not unconstitutional, it sure as hell should be. As a reward for supporting the ultra-contoversial law these companys get “waivers for it’s key provisions”?

Could you ask for a more obvious example of corruption?  Could these thugs POSSIBLY trample your rights to a greater degree? They can and they do!


Get out of Line for a “waiver”

Come out against this law and the curruption it only seeks to expand.

What I stand for.

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Half my family lives in Brazil. Some of them are forever trying to get me to move there. They know I’m not exactly thrilled with the way this country is run, I’m not sure why they think I would like Brazil any better. corruption in country’s like Brazil is even worse than here. Not only that but these people have no individual rights. For example, Private citizens cannot own firearms. People in Brazil might say “why would we need guns?”, they would mock the very idea but think nothing of their police officers carrying a second unregistered pistol. These pistols are carried for the express purpose of avoiding paperwork in hairy situations. What hypocrisy, I could never live under such a system.

So what system do I promote? What should government look like? Personally I look to the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Declaration of Independence. When reading these documents I see how our founding fathers viewed government. They felt that Government would always drift towards corruption and tyranny. For this reason they placed checks and balances. They laid out a constitution that held individual rights above the rights of the collective. The founders told us that the purpose of government was to protect our god given rights.

Our system is magnificent in this country and that is why I would never leave. The problem is that it has been perverted. Our politicians don’t know anything about what this governments proper role is. Our president views the constitution as a ‘ list of negative rights, saying what the government cannot do. Rather than what it must do on our behalf.’ Our politicians are VERY confused.

The General Welfare clause for example. This is the most misunderstood and misapplied body of words in US law. When our founders wrote that the government should ‘promote or provide for the general welfare of the United States of America.’ They did NOT intend for this to mean that the government should or could do anything that was generally good for the collective. What they ment was that government should have the power to levy taxes or pass laws that would promote or provide for the needs of the union itself as an institution. Our leaders, and the supreme court now expect us to believe that these words empowered government to take private property from one person and give it to another. A complete perversion.

Why would they lay out specific enumerated powers and then say ‘anything that’s in the common good is cool too’. Talk about wishy washy. That would make no sense at all. As Mr. Obama clearly understands even if he does not agree, our constitution gives the federal government specific powers with which to protect our god given individual rights. The 10th amendment also states quite clearly that all powers not given are reserved for the states or the people. There is NOTHING in the constitution that empowers the federal government to redistribute wealth, create a ponzi scheme retirement racket, or health insurance racket. There is nothing that empowers the federal government to police the people with the FBI, DEA or ATF. In fact 90% of what our modern federal government does is extra constitutional. Meanwhile what it SHOULD be doing it refuses to do. Control the boarders, Control currency, protect our human rights.

The system I promote is one that is true to the Bill of Rights and Constitution. It’s really that simple. We must wake people up to the reality that our government has perverted our founding documents and become a corporate institution that truly views the people as slaves. The infowar is about a restoration of our founding principles. A return to the rule of law. Abandoning the imperialist model and handing the government back to the people.

The New Plan! Americans Unite!

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The message has been growing.

There IS consensus in America, We just dont know it yet. WAKE UP! And read this!

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong! Dont you see. I’ve been telling you. Its ALL theatre!

It is time to unite the country around libertarian values. restore the republic. We have the power. At this point everybody agrees that we need states rights. America is beautiful because you can live in California in your twenties, New York in your thirties and North Carolina in your 60’s.

If you dont love that about this country and you crave uniformity and  subjugation, I suggest you move to Cuba.

Imagine if the president worked with the governors to deal with the unique problems of each state?

Imagine if our leaders, instead of confiscating our wealth, made it easier for us to give of it?

Imagine if instead of mixing charity and taxation to the point that you can’t even commit an act of civil disobedience they allowed us to give to charity every week with or instead of withholding pre-tax?

What would happen?! Ask yourself!

What would happen if this country saw REAL hope, REAL change, And Real Charity.

Can you see us uniting? 

I can. It is time, I have been watching. I do not consent to this charade.

In november, we will vote out ever single politician who is non-responsive.

A public servant should actively seek out the opinions of his or her constituents. The personal opinions and ideology held by those public servants should frame only the interactions with constituents.

 On the floor or as a matter of public policy actions should reflect some semblance of moderate representation, wile following the constitution.  This is what our founders meant by the “consent of the governed”.

We will vote republican, for now. After that we should all put everybody’s feet to the fire. That means you get involved. That means that you research ALL view points in a relentless quest to understand and identify every aspect of the political agenda.

I understand you are busy and stressed. The fact is that you are that way because the structure is dissending into chaos. I say that the methods of direct government have been usurped. It’s time to reset the republic.

If the Republicans, Independents and 3rd party candidates we elect in November do not become responsive than we vote for somebody else.

We have been in this paradigm wear by which we elect the lessor of two evils because we are afraid. It is that way because we are alone. Alone in our little bubbles. I have been there. It’s okay. If we unite and connect, we can form a consesus without any particular medium or party affiliations. We will know who our neighbors are going to vote for because we talked to them.

The taboo of discussing politics in public life must be at least temporarily suspended. One thing is absolutely undeniably certain. The decisions we make, as towns, states and a country over the next few years will shape the planet in ways some of us may not yet imagine.

I am begging you to be as informed as possible. Even if you are certain your political counterparts are wrong you MUST actively seek to understand their position. ‘

‘Question with boldness even the very existence of God, for if he be real he must value honest debate over blind faith  ‘ -unknown founder

Just incase you only believe the mainstream

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 FACT CHECK: Spinning the new health care law

Associated Press Writer
 WASHINGTON (AP) — The tumultuous health care debate that brought you death panels and socialism has spun off a catalog of popular myths that will keep growing as President Barack Obama and all sides battle toward the midterm elections this fall.

At a White House signing ceremony Tuesday, Obama ventured the hope that Americans on all sides will judge the legislation for what it actually says and does. “When I sign this bill,” he declared, “all of the overheated rhetoric over reform will finally confront the reality of reform.”

Wishful thinking, Mr. President.

Facts are stubborn, the saying goes. But myths about the legislation are likely to persist as well. And a lot of people don’t agree on which is which.

“People have taken away from the debate a number of beliefs about the bill that are very difficult to shake based on objective reports,” said Robert Blendon, a Harvard public health professor who follows opinion trends. “There is enough skepticism out there that questions about how it’s going to help the country are likely to continue.”

Here’s a look at some of the myths and realities, from both sides of the issue:

– Obama has put the nation on a slippery slope toward socialism.

Hello? Government’s role in health care has been steadily growing since Medicare and Medicaid were established 45 years ago. Even if Republicans were to take control of Washington and repeal this bill, government would still be on track to pick up more than half the nation’s health care tab by 2012, according to a report last month from Medicare.

“The Republican myth is that the government is for the first time going to take over the health care sector,” said economist Joe Antos of the business-oriented American Enterprise Institute. “The takeover was probably largely accomplished in 1965 with the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. Since the early days, Medicare has called the shots on a lot of policy issues that private insurance fell in line with.”

Still, the new law will undoubtedly expand the government’s influence. Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., warned Tuesday it will lead to the “quasi-nationalization of the health industry.”

Underline “quasi.” Democrats dropped their idea of a government insurance plan to compete with private carriers. So any “socialization” will be channeled through Wellpoint, UnitedHealthcare and other private insurance giants.

– Health care overhaul is going to lower your health insurance premiums.

Obama says that once new competitive insurance markets open for business, in 2014, individuals buying coverage comparable to what they have today will pay 14-20 percent less. Family coverage costs about $13,400 a year, so that could be real money.

But the president’s assurance is based on a selective reading of a Congressional Budget Office report that found most individuals would probably buy better, more expensive coverage than what’s available today.

And Obama skips over an important caveat: The budget office didn’t say premiums would be lower than currently. It said premiums for some people would be lower than they would have been without the bill. Premiums for others would be higher.

With the U.S. population getting older, and medical science pushing the technological envelope, there’s very little reason to think premiums will go down. The best Obama can hope for is to slow the pace of increases.

– You will be forced to pay for other people’s abortions.

Only if you join a health insurance plan that covers abortion. In that case, the costs of paying for abortions would be spread over all the enrollees in the plan – no differently from how other medical procedures are handled, except a policyholder would have to write a separate check for it.

Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University, said people who don’t want to pay for abortion could simply pick a plan that doesn’t offer it.

There would definitely be a demand for such plans, and not just from people with moral objections. Single men and older women would have no reason to pay an extra premium for abortion coverage.

– The Democratic bill will lead to government health care rationing.

The legislation sets up a research center to compare the effectiveness of medical treatments, and critics fear that bureaucrats will start issuing justifications for denying patients access to the latest medical technology.

Republicans as well as Democrats had previously called for a major investment in such research to help make sense of which kinds of treatments, medications and technologies are worth the cost.

The legislation specifies that the research findings cannot be used to impose mandates, guidelines or recommendations for payment, coverage, or treatment – or used to deny coverage.

Acceptance of the research is likely to be slow in coming, and the medical community – not government and insurance companies – will probably take the lead in vetting it.

– The American people have already rejected Obamacare.

Although some polls show a majority oppose the bill, most surveys find the public about evenly divided. Blendon, the public opinion expert, believes it’s premature to say that the public has rejected it. Curiously, many individual components – doing away with insurance denials for pre-existing conditions, tax credits to help pay premiums, insurance purchasing pools – are widely popular.

Obama reads those findings to mean that Democrats have a chance to turn around public opinion, and he’s embarking on a campaign to sell the bill.

– The legislation will save Medicare from bankruptcy.

Democrats say the bill – even as it cuts Medicare to pay for expanded coverage for working families – will add at least nine years of solvency to the program’s giant hospital insurance trust fund, now projected to be exhausted in 2017.

Technically that’s true – but only on paper.

Savings from the Medicare cuts will be invested in government IOUs, like any other trust fund surplus. The special Treasury securities count as an asset on Medicare’s books – making the program’s precarious financial situation seem more reassuring. But the government will spend the actual money. And when time comes for Medicare to redeem the IOUs, lawmakers will have to scramble to come up with the cash.

The key point is that the Medicare savings will be received by the government only once, the Congressional Budget Office said, “so they cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending … on other programs.”

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Why so much obstruction?

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Why are all the “crazy” conservatives and libertarians so obsessed with opposing everything President Obama proposes?

The Health care Bill: When I read the constitution it is very clear to me that based on the original intent of its signers the Federal Government does not have the power to mandate a citizen to purchase a product, nor the authority to spend tax dollars on charity or “objects of benevolence” as Benjamin Franklin put it. Without free will Man cannot be free. Democrats are pushing this agenda by pointing to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as if they are a huge success. The truth is that they are “bankrupting this country” as Mr.Obama said himself.

Socialism: Democrats continue to claim that they are not socialists. The fact is that they are socialists and have used a train of parliamentary tricks and double speak to finish the long walk towards socialism in less than a year and a half. Obama and Pelosi call this progress, No matter what you call it government charity presents a moral hazard. Equalizing outcomes, weather in healthcare, housing  or retirement robs man of his incentive to succeed.

Cap and Trade: President Obama continues to promote cap and trade without even acknowledging the recent proof of the IPCC manipulating the climate facts. Even if Global Warming was true and caused by c02 cap and trade would have little to no effect on global co2 emissions. Instead it would simply ship our heavy industry overseas and as Obama himself said ’cause electricity bills to skyrocket’.

Immigration Reform: We have boarders for a reason. When illegal aliens are given citizenship they are given the right to vote. The candidates they elect write laws and appoint people to posts and positions that effect us and our freedoms directly. The United States of America is unique because our constitution provides for strong individual rights. We see how over the last 100 years these rights have been drastically eroded by a government that chooses to ignore the constitution. This is mostly in response to a public that does not value the rugged individualism enshrined in our founding documents. When masses of people are allowed to stream across the border effecting our demographics we risk loosing our national identity. If the constitution was better protected and the powers of federal government limited the facts would be different. Under the current system we encourage illegal aliens to come here and collect free services. Wether through voter fraud or anchor babies that become voters millions of un-assimilated people are able to literally vote themselves free services. ultimately this will make our country look more like the countries these people fled from originally.      

This administration has dramatically expanded government power and tripled the deficit. Barack Obama plans to add 12 Trillion dollars to the national debt. All this at a time when the world is begging us to get our fiscal house in order.

Illegal bankrupcy managed directly by the president threw away decades of legal precedent giving control of auto company’s directly to the unions while forcing preferred lenders to accept less than 50 cents on the dollar. This is the definition of socialism.

In order to make the health care bill appear fiscally sound congress has annexed an entire industry putting 31,000 people out of work. How congress gets away with adding a takeover of student loans to a health care bill is absolutely beyond me.





Jonathan Gruber and Health Care tricks Exposed

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Jonathan Gruber  was on c-span gracefully dancing around the truth behind this “health care reform” bill. I would love to take the Pepsi challenge with this guy. Low and behold there was an economist in the room. A young student holding back tears tried to explain to Mr.Gruber that we could not afford this bill.

Gruber responded to questions earlier about costs by saying that costs should be going up. “Why not spend 40% of GDP on health care?”. He said he wanted to quell expectations of cost savings because we should expect them to rise no matter what.

Than after this young man pointed out the fiscal insanity he reverted course and started pushing costs savings again. Saying costs per person would go down. Except he’s including in that the subsidy. Of course the people getting the subsidy are paying less. meanwhile everyone else pays more.

As if that wasnt enough this bill claims to reduce the deficit by taking over the private school loan business. This is so fascistic. All the government controlled corporations have got to go. They put this in there specifically to make the bill look like its spending less. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTHCARE!

AND IT GETS WORSE. Now its come out that all this was planned from the begining. George Soros suprise surprise gave the marching orders on this little trick months ago.

Progressives and democrats love to say that big insurance companies are driving this debate. They couldn’t possibly be more naïve. The insurers got on board right away. They love the idea of the IRS running around demanding people buy more insurance. It is so obvious.

Mostly I want to know I’ll have a bed to die in and enough drugs to make it as painless as possible. I pay my premiums. I paid them even when I was self-employed. I am not however interested in this obsession with health care coverage. The government demanding I have coverage to pay for every conceivable product is tyrannical.  

If I can’t pay that’s life. That’s freedom bro, Love it or Leave it. I don’t want any charity from government for then you are beholden. meanwhile all these charity’s are bankrupting us. And government gets more powerful and the people loaning them money on are behalf (mostly enemy’s) are getting richer.  

Most of the reason healthcare costs are going up is because the federal government keeps cutting reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid payments. This forces doctors to raise rates for everyone else. It is in fact governments role in healthcare that has made costs rise. Why else do you think we pay $50 for an aspirin? because the 10 people before us didnt pay.

This government has said that healthcare by law cannot be denied to people. How can you sell a product that must by law be given away? You cant. This is why the system is collapsing.


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