Obama’s ABC Health Care Special. 6/24/09

I recently watched the ABC special with the President on health care reform. Here are my thoughts in cronoligical order.

Somebody felt this page wasn’t critical enough of Obama. So I underlined the opinion.

Barack Obama has a bad habit of jesting on heavy matters.

Moderator: “You don’t know that”

Obama Talks over him:”often times we do know , there are going to be disagreements among experts…But often times we do know what makes sense and what doesnt”

Opinion: Obama went on to dodge a good question brilliantly.

Obama:”…We need to come up with something that is uniquely American..”

Opinion: What is uniquely American is the free market system we have now. We need to put downward pressure on costs and there are lots of ways to do that within the free market system and legitimate roles of Government. We can makes sure everyone is paying in ie: less people getting free care at ERs. Two ways to do that in a general sense would be to either criminalize not having coverage or somehow keep out illegals from 3rd world countrys.(enforce our laws) Another big way to keep costs down would be to have tort reform and limit the amount that can be paid out in malpractice lawsuits. This is done in Europe for those of you who are impressed by that. One big reason the President would never consider these first two most obvious solutions is that he needs illegals to vote for him and he will surely institute the latter idea once he has scared us all into socialized medicine.

Obama: “in the last nine years families have seen there premiums double…”, “…Government is there already, we pay for medicaire, medicaid, there are a whole host of rules both at the state and federal level governing how health care is administered…”

Opinion: EXACTLY! That is the biggest problem with the health care system we have; The government is too damn involved in it. More to the point we already have government insurance and its a disaster. The feds have already tried to lower costs by simply refusing to pay doctors market rates which either means they raise rates for everyone else or refuse to see medicare patients. These government programs are already bankrupt despite the fact that everyone is required to pay a tax for them. In truth is this new health care package is designed to hide the fact that the government has already failed miserably at this. For 20 years states have been finding the few people that suffered because they wanted a procedure that wasn’t covered because of costs and using them to justify mandating HMO’s to cover costly procedure most people will never need. As with most things the reasons we have a health care problem are the EXACT reasons we need to keep government out of it.

Opinion: In the next question Obama gives us two more ways to lower costs; Loan forgiveness for Doctors who commit to going into a sector of medicine that is in demand but might pay less. If the doctor has a government loan than expecially by todays standards it is perfectly reasonable to offer these incentives. Also he says that many of his doctor freinds complain about to much buerocracy adding to there administrative costs. Does Mr.Obama really think that we should trust the federal government to reduce buerocracy? THEYRE ALL BUEROCRATS!

Obama:”If you are happy with your plan, if you are happy with your doctor, we dont want you to have to change”

Opinion: The Government competing with private corporations is unconstitutional and will disrupt the free market system reducing your level of care, increasing your costs (especially since he plans to tax the portion your employer covers) and will eventually lead to the end of private health insurance. The reason nobody can really compete with Coca-Cola and Pepsi is because they have the deepest pockets. They have gone into markets and simply sold products below cost forcing any competitors to either go out of buisness or sell to them. The feds will simply do the same thing, they want to go into competition with companys owned by their own citizens and they will simply borrow and tax there price lower and drive everyone else out of buisness. What a sham! Youre gonna put up with this?

Opinion: Obama did a good job misderecting and employing some very convenient fuzzy math. He also scolded the CBO for not crediting him with all the savings he will generate through prevention. When you hear the word prevention you should realise that what this really means is legislating your health. Obviously Obama is more confident in his ability to engineer a healthier populous than the CBO. Maybe he knows something they dont.

UPDATE: Durring the special Obama cited the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. The clinic released a statement on 7/16/09 it stated. “…The proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients…the real losers will be the citizens of the united states.”



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