Find YOUR TopTruth

f0b0ba54ee124842Obama and Bush didn’t destroy this country alone. Its been happening for a hundred years. You think your politicians are elected by you? In Iran the “guardian council” picks candidates for the people to vote on. What if I told you we have a similar system here? 

Countrymen what we have here is a Corprocracy. For a hundred years politicians have tried to engineer the economy. FDR, as part of his “New Deal” gave us medicare and medicaid which are now bankrupt along with social security. Since then presidents on both sides of the aisle have used the Community Reinvestment Act (or CRA) to distort markets and execute social engeneering. When you hear people say that “The Free Market failed” and “The Bush way had its chance” what you need to know is that we haven’t had a free market for quite some time and all our problems are directly linked to that.

Clinton may have signed Welfare reform and said “the era of big government is over” but he had a trick up his sleeve. Bill Clinton drastically expanded the CRA and essentially legislated new lending standards for Banks. Banks which for 200 years had lent to people based on their own proprietary lending guidelines where now subject to Federally imposed guidelines. Banks were never racist, the guidelines were applied the same way to everyone no matter their race. What Clinton apposed was that the result  of their guidelines was an ‘insufficient amount of minoritys and poor receiving loans’. Democrats for 10 years campaigned on this. Barney Frank a representative from Massachusetts actually referred to it as rolling the dice, you know giving people a chance. Despite what he says now I have seen the tape of him insisting that Fannie and Freddie where not in any crisis and that he wanted them to make MORE of these risky loans. Mr.Frank said that the idea that they would need a bailout was up-surd and that no one should see him about it because he would never do it. I have heard the tapes and you cannot mistake this mans voice.

Both party’s now point to regulation they authored that would have regulated sub-prime loans or the federal corporations Fannie and Freddie. The point is that they knew a Government created problem was about to explode and nothing was done. Not to mention the regulation that would have stopped the complex derivative market based on mortgages was eliminated under Clinton. (glass-steigall) Banks would have had no way to hide the bad loans under glass-steigall so that regulation was torn up. 

Basic Economics would have told them that this could only lead to a Boom and then a big Bust. If the people involved didn’t know that then they were completely incompetent. Personally I don’t believe its ignorance. I have come to believe that the Federal Government is being controlled by massive global corporations.

I have read scores of books on politics, economics and history. I have watched the news closely and I feel that you can see the corporate agenda play out. It slowly becomes so obvious what is happening. We have been hoodwinked. These political party’s both answer to the same Oligarchs.

If you are a Patriot and believe in freedom, your country needs you. It is your duty to get informed. I cant spell it out for you as there is a whole lot of disinformation but in time you will come to an understanding. When you do, you will feel an unmistakable feeling.

You Will Have Found YOUR TopTruth.   

They cannot fight us directly they have to manipulate us.

Get informed, Talk to your Friends and family.

Get involved.

The New Revolution has started, Will You Join US?!

July 4th 2009 107


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