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States Rebeling Against TSA: Texas The Latest To Legislate For Banning Grope-Downs, Naked Scanners

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Tenth Amendment allows for local governments to regulate airports

States Rebeling Against TSA: Texas The Latest To Legislate For Banning Grope Downs, Naked Scanners 050111TSA

Steve Watson
March 4, 2011

Legislation has been introduced into the Texas House of Representatives that directly challenges the authority of the TSA in airports within the state, specifically aimed at criminalizing the use of naked body scanners and enhanced pat-downs.

Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) introduced a set of bills earlier this week that would empower the Texas Attorney General to bring suit in court against any airport operator who installs or uses the full body imaging equipment or any operator who touches a person without consent and searches them without probable cause.

The bills, HB 1938 and HB 1937 would see criminal and civil penalties handed out to any TSA worker who was found to have contravened the laws.

HB 1938 reads in part:

(b) An airport operator may not allow body imaging scanning equipment to be installed or operated in any airport in this state.

(c) An airport operator commits an offense if the operator fails to comply with Subsection (b).

(d) An airport operator who commits an offense under Subsection (c) is subject to a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed $1,000 for each day of the violation.

HB 1937 includes the following:

(3) as part of a search performed to grant access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation, intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(A) searches another person without probable cause to believe the person committed an offense; and

(B) touches the anus, sexual organ, or breasts of the other person, including touching through clothing, or touches the other person in a manner that would be offensive to a reasonable person.

(f) …. An offense under Subsection (a)(3) is a state jail felony.

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Constitutional watchdog, The Texas Tenth Amendment Center noted that “the Texas legislature stands on solid ground. Local governments control airports and no enumerated power in the Constitution gives the federal government the authority to regulate them. Under the Tenth Amendment, airport operation falls under state jurisdiction.”

Texas, and in particular Austin, has been at the forefront of the revolt against the TSA since it began increasing its presence in airports some eighteen months ago. In December, Austin’s Airport Advisory Commission approved a resolution advising the city council to oppose airport body scanners and invasive body searches.

The TSA has signaled its intention to install the scanners at Austin, but the date has continually been put back, with the agency saying it could now be as late as 2012 before the devices are activated.

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Texas is the latest state to introduce anti-TSA legislation, as a growing number seek to revolt against the federal government’s enhanced presence in airports and other transport hubs.

Earlier this week, New Hampshire introduced legislation that would classify the TSA’s use of enhanced pat-downs as sexual assault, punishable in the same way as other sexual offenses.

House Bill 628-FN, co-sponsored by both sides of the political spectrum would classify “the touching or viewing with a technological device of a person’s breasts or genitals by a government security agent without probable cause a sexual assault.”

Any government worker found guilty of such an offense would be classified as “tier III offenders under the criminal offenders registry” should the bill be passed.

“Let’s put their name on the sex offender registry, and maybe that will tell them New Hampshire means business,” stated cosponsor Rep. Andrew Manuse (D-Derry). Cosponsor Rep. George Lambert (R-Litchfield) stated that “we should charge (agents) every single time” they assault passengers with a pat down or naked body scan.

A number of other lobby groups, state and local authorities around the country have also resolved to either block the body scanners or kick the TSA out of airports altogether, including New Jersey, where Republican state Senator Mike Doherty has vowed to push for legislation that will ban both the scanners as well as invasive groping techniques.

“It is with great sadness that I have come to recognize that one of our greatest threats has been presented by officials of the TSA who have begun to implement intrusive searches of law abiding Americans who are traveling within our borders.” Doherty has said.

“I am drafting new legislation that will make it perfectly clear that in New Jersey, our Constitutionally granted civil liberties are treasured and will be protected. I am calling upon my colleagues in the Legislature to step up and co-sponsor legislation that will protect the rights of citizens in New Jersey,” he added.

The TSA has not officially responded to the proposals in Texas and New Hampshire, however, in a speech at the American Bar Association’s (ABA) 6th Annual Homeland Security Law Institute in Washington yesterday, TSA head John S. Pistole intimated that the agency wasconsidering completely changing its security procedures away from a “one size fits all” approach towards a more “intelligence-driven system,” that would focus on “higher-risk passengers,”

“Everyone is familiar with the current system in place that screens nearly everyone the same way,” Pistole said. “My vision is to accelerate TSA’s evolution into a truly risk-based, intelligence-driven organization in every way.” he added, without being specific about what such changes would entail.


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DHS mulled COVERT scans of pedestrians, vehicles

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Thomas Frank

USA Today

March 4, 2011

The Homeland Security Department paid contractors millions of dollars to develop and study surveillance systems that could covertly track pedestrians and check under people’s clothing with airport-style body scanners as they enter train stations, bus depots or major events, newly released documents show.

Two contracts the department signed in 2005 and 2006 were part of its effort to acquire technology to find suicide bombers in a crowd of moving people, according to documents given to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a privacy-rights group that is suing Homeland Security.

The department dropped the projects in a “very early” phase after testing showed flaws, Homeland Security spokesman Bobby Whithorne says.

EPIC lawyer Ginger McCall says the project is disturbing nonetheless because it shows the department “obviously believed that this level of surveillance is acceptable when in fact it is not at all acceptable.”

Read full article

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Amazing re-post. Obama Deception Returns.

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Those who claimed the “hacking” of the infamous Obama Deception post was a false flag perpetrated by people in the patriot movement have been proven wrong.

Amazingly YouTube and Google reposted the Obama deception along with all videos ever deleted from that account with the view counts fully restored. ONLY someone within the company could have done this as I saw the “removed by user page” with my own eyes. 

Another battle won by info warriors on behalf of the 1st amendment.


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Government Health Care on Indian res/Glenn Beck/What would single payer look like?

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Congress is already in charge of health care on a small indian reservation.

You must see this! Wake up! Get real!

Health Care is rationed already, either the market rations or the government rations. Every dollar STOLEN from you to pay for someone elses care contributes to making your care more expensive.



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Dont you get it? Look around.

The Government IS the Banks, Banks are the Government, The Government owns auto companys in cahoots with the unions, by Government dictate. 

Stay wuth me…

The Banks owe the Government for lending them money which the Government Borrowed from…


The Federal Reserve….Umm did I say CHINA yet.

Okay whats the Federal Reserve again? The Fed is the cantral bank and is owned by…well banks.

But doesnt the right to issue currency reside with congress? Yes but the Federal Reserve act of 1913 abrogated that power to the Federal Reserve. But theoretically the treasuery department and other Presidential apointees still oversee the Fed…Kinda…Who knows.

Anyway…So lets get this right. The Gov borrowed money from China and The Fed to bailout Banks which own the Fed kinda which is also owned kinda by the Government.

The Government borrowed money to bailout Banks and Auto companys. The Fed is monitizing the debt. So how can the Gov pay back the debt? They dont make anything…They’re definetly going to have to get this money from us. Okay so they will raise taxes.

Isnt that bad for me? Wait maybe they will only tax rich people? Yes the powers that be right now will definetly tax rich people before me so I should be fine.


The experts are saying that when the Gov taxes rich people it hurts poor people the most. Im confused, lets try to figure this out. How can taxing rich people hurt poor people? I know, of course, the rich guy who owns the small factory that employs me might pay me less, or he might raise his prices. Even if he takes the hit he might layoff the maid, or go out less and my daughter babysits for him often. Boy, I guess if raising taxes on the rich hurts me I better make sure the government spends my money well or Im just getting robed.

I think Im starting to get this economic thing. Seems to me the Government can only waste money. Surely Im glad to have police and fire protection and such but its obvious the more they do the more money and wealth they destroy.

Not only that but when I die, the debt I owe does not pass to my children. When the government owes money my kids have to pay that back. My god! I cant beleive this! The Government has robed from my children to bailout banks, I better pay damn close attention to what the Gov wants my grandchildren to pay for…

Town Halls/Obama Tells Americans ‘No More Talking’/’Teabaggers’ Fight Back

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YouTube – Obama Remarks on Healthcare – Bloomberg.

This is a re-post. With an amendment.

“this mess” as Mr.Obama puts it was created by MANY (if not all) of the democrats in congress now that are suposedly solving these HUGE problems. Health Care is a Democrat mess, Fannie/Freddie and mortgage derivatives are a democrat mess. 

So dont blame Americans Mr.Obama!


Mr. President there is no agreement. There is no consensus. You are a snake oil salesman, a con artist. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a narcissist who wants to remake the best thing that has ever happened to the hopes of humans in your own twisted image.

We have yet to live up to the greatness of our founding but your attempts to apologize for us are an insult. I count among our greatest errs the fact that we have allowed a government bureaucracy to emerge that has presented us with ridiculous choices among which you are the most foul. You are a sad excuse for an American president and a complete rejection of everything an American leader should be.
Although the people of this nation are not perfect we are among the most caring, charitable people on earth. We will not be shamed into silence, We will not be pushed around by thugs. The policy’s of your administration, your party and in general the federal government are in direct conflict with the constitution and the laws we respect. Your vision is not ours and we reject your socialistic tinkering with our country in the middle of dire economic conditions.
 I’m putting YOU on notice; Bully the American People at your own political peril.


Fellow Citizens;
Mark my words. Putting the government in charge of your health care will not only reduce the quality and quantity of your care in the short term it will also mean less care for future Americans than would otherwise have been. Reducing the free market effect on any industry will surely lead to the weakened strength of the consumer to find his needs met.
Please read my page on Obama’s ABC healthcare promo located on the right side of your screen, it rebukes many of Obama’s healthcare policy’s in detail.
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