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Congratulations GOP! You’re poised to select Mitt Romney to be your nominee for president. I know you are all very excited. Unfortunately the english language does not contain the words needed to properly convey my disappointment.

It’s interesting to note that Barack Obama campaigned on bringing the troops home from Iraq. Instead he sent them to Afghanistan and replaced them with mercenaries.

He said he would oppose warrantless wiretapping and run a transparent government. Instead his administration has drastically expanded its domestic surveillance and the NSA now refuses to tell congress the details of its latest sprawling spy center.

Candidate Obama promised the exact opposite of what we have seen. In many ways he is simply a slicker upgraded Bush clone. What you will get in Mitt Romney is a white Obama clone. The catastrophe that is RomneyCare has gone largely unreported. True Romney has some defense since the plan is not unconstitutional on a state level. But that doesn’t mean he handled it well or that it was a good bill to sign.

Romney will betray you. He will do this because Wall street owns him  just like his colleagues. He will pay lip service to his base while advancing the agenda of the money junkies. Congratulations you gave Wall street and a defunct banking system all your money. Now it owns your government.

I walked through downtown Boston adorned in the red white and blue holding up my beliefs for all to see as Jenine Garraffallo called me a racist on  national television. The support from Romney was deafening in its absence. When I drove all night to DC to protest ObamaCare and was ridiculed in the streets Romney was again absent.

I didn’t vote for Ron Paul in 2008. Maybe I was just too damn excited about dropping bombs. But I didn’t make that mistake twice, I can see now that all along Ron Paul had my back. He even had my front.


There is absolutely no doubt what you will get with congressmen Paul.

Our country is on the verge of absolute ruin. We will become the new 3rd world in the decades to come if we do not change course. Weanwhile we  are poised to select the white Obama. Romney now says he wont re-name Bernanke as Fed Chief. Maybe if he had known that would be his position previous to this election cycle, he could have stood with Ron Paul in condemning the Fed Chiefs actions. As usual Romney had his finger in the wind.

All this time Ron Paul has been quietly campaigning for the hearts and minds of the next generation of republicans. He has done so with Jeffersonian grace and prophetic insight. Somehow he was the only Politician ahead of the ball on the banker bailout. GOP pundits widely condemn the legislation but fail to give Dr. Paul the due he deserves. The Lord only knows how he calmly retorts to the truly vile attacks on him. Insinuating that he does not support the troops when the troops support him more than all other candidates combined. Including Obama.

So run your flags high and support Mitt Romney. I for one will have no part in it. The only thing you will do is add nails to the coffin of what used to be the United States of America.


Corporate Poll Reveals Boobeoisie Fooled Again on Budget

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Kurt Nimmo
April 29, 2011

It’s a testament to the effectiveness of the corporate media. According to yet another poll, the little people think for some reason establishment Republicans will do a better job dealing with the “budget,” that is to say taxing and spending – or more accurately, borrowing from bankers and then shuffling off the debt payment to future generations. This fantasy about Republicans is part of the right-versus-left political distraction employed by the corporate-entertainment news media. It works like a charm.

From Reuters:

Americans say Republicans in Congress would do a better job than Democrats in dealing with the U.S. budget, according to a poll released Friday that shows President Barack Obama’s party at a disadvantage as lawmakers near another showdown over federal spending.

The poll’s findings underscore the challenge facing Obama as he seeks public support for his proposals for tackling a growing U.S. budget deficit — an issue that could play a key role in the president’s efforts to win re-election in 2012.

The USA Today/Gallup survey of 1,013 U.S. adults looked at whether Americans expressed more confidence in the ability of Republicans or Democrats in Congress to deal with six major issues facing the country.

It is sincerely amazing how the Boobeoisie think there is actually a significant difference between Republicans and Democrats.

From Lew Rockwell on April 5:

Paul Ryan, the head of the House budget committee, is proposing to cut future increases in the deficit from $10.4 trillion to $6.4 trillion—over 10 years. Aside from the typical conservative love of empire and invasions—the Pentagon and its satellite agencies are not touched—anything over 10 years is eyewash. Why not a 100 year plan? All that matters is what is spent or cut or taxed this year. The current congress cannot bind future congresses. I first encountered this multiple-year trick when Phil Gramm had his four-year, balanced-budget plan under the debtaholic Reagan. It was a joke, of course. Again, when it comes to congress, only this year counts. And this year, the Republicans plan to cut, they claim, 1.5% of the deficit. Thanks a lot. They should all listen to Ron Paul. Politically (and morally), it makes far more sense to try to eviscerate the empire, pave the Pentagon, clam up the CIA, put the kibosh on the Kill Teams, rather than going after programs for the poor. Welfare to go, too, but it is hardly the place to start. Predator drones and all the other instruments of mass death are.

Why Obama would release a fake certificate

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The establishment is now in ultra brain wash mode simply claiming that the sky isn’t blue and laughing at anyone who dares to look up. Trump and his circus of bad hair days co-opting people and making a mockery of real issues. Radiation isn’t a danger, Dropping bombs is humanitarian and Obama can put forth a clearly forged birth certificate probably just for kicks.

This is a system to make us accept absurdity. That’s why our last 3 presidents have seen impeachment papers circulated. That’s why Bush and Cheney were not constitutionally qualified to serve because they are both from Texas. That’s why Obama breaks his oath of office by sitting at the head of the UN Security council. They commit treason simply because they can, because the powers that control them want them to be compromised.

Next year the Federal Government will start phasing in their ban on light bulbs. To save the planet we must be forced to buy mercury filled bulbs made in China. If they can do this they can do anything, but this one has a purpose. It’s obvious we are in the process of being bankrupted. What keeps China buying our debt?

Backroom deals to outlaw lightbulbs and buy the hazards crap they make. It’s the same thing with cash for clunkers. By law the engines had to be destroyed and everything shipped to China. That was the collateral they needed to keep buying our debt in the short term. They of course melted it down made products with slave labor and sold it back to us.

It’s now clear Obama completely forged this birth certificate. Trumps people are probably stunned. They’re probably trying to figure out if this is some sort of sick joke. Experts say anyone who knows photo shop can clearly see that every aspect of the birth certificate is a fraud. If they say it’s fake Obama will simply ridicule them. He probably has his real birth certificate from Hawaii in his back pocket, just in case. Like Visa he will never leave home without it but the system doesn’t want you to see it so in the future they can sell us anyone as president. Maybe some  Chinese general.

Dump the Trump, vote Ron Paul.

I’ll dig up the expert testimony and post it here but for now take a look at the release and see if you can spot theinconsistencies yourself.

Okay here is the video documenting a serious police investigation into the validity of the document Mr. Obama (AKA Barry Sotoro) claims is his long form birth certificate.

The Case for Ron Paul in 2012

Posted in Ron Paul for President 2012 on April 27, 2011 by toptruth

The talking heads and establishment hacks are falling all over themselves bitterly excoriating Ron Paul for being a “radical libertarian”. The term is a red herring, the seal of approval the proof that he will bring real change.

The left revile’s him because he demands fiscal sanity. The right slams him for opposing never-ending wars without declaration. I know we MUST elect a Ron Paul candidate, if we fail to do so all other issues are moot.

1.7T in debt this year, 20B per month paid in interest alone. We cannot solve this debt problem by cutting only the programs one party, or the other party dislikes. We must forsake all the sacred cows, Ron Paul has the record to prove he will do this.

Ever notice that are last three presidents claim to be against ‘nation building’ but have each started foreign military operations that do exactly that? I supported the Bush wars but we cannot afford them, still have not found Bin Laden or WMD’s and are now supporting al-Qaeda in Libya. I can proudly support Ron Paul for opposing all the foreign adventures.

The TSA is groping 6 year olds, Running naked body scanners that aren’t OSHA compliant and the war on drugs rages on. Maybe Mexico won’t completely collapse if we remove the profit motif and properly regulate narcotics. Ron Paul has spoken out against the war on drugs and growing police state for over a decade.

Ron Paul is change you can count on.

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