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Wiki Leaks / Waki Leakers and the Police State

Posted in Censorship, Congress, Current Events, End The Fed, National Defense, Politics, SCOTUS, The Coming Police State, Unite Against DC on December 8, 2010 by toptruth

Some Dummy (Peter King?) in the Senate authored a bill to give life in prison to any journalist who publishes leaked information. It will be hard to convict even the thief of this information with treason under current law. Even espionage could be a problem since the law is written so vaguely that it could cause a serious inquiry into the constitutionality of said law. This is what was said on FOX News anyway.

The reason for this in my opinion is that our founders didn’t give the federal government a lot of power with which to keep secrets. The writers knew  that good governments have little need for it. We are not talking about the nuclear codes here. So far the wiki leaks have only confirmed what we already suspected, that we’re being lied to.

I don’t know what is in these documents, so it’s difficult to pass judgement on Assange or the leaker although the later should definitely spend a life in prison and Assange seems to have gone into the terrorism buiseness threatening to release a “poison pill” should he be arrested for publishing the release. Either the information is fit for release or it’s not. This move cements Assange as a dirtbag in my opinion.

The leaker in these situations is either treasonous or he feels the people have a right to the information. Either way he must be punished because we cannot have military officers making that decision on their own without repercussions. If he feels strongly enough that he is right he will accept the punishment and hope for pardon or stay. Although from what I gather this guy was no patriot.

Journalists an ethical responsibility to avoid releasing information that will get people killed. In other words specifics about a military operation that is ongoing, or informants names or locations, undercovers etc…

I think most of this information should not have been released, but I support his right to do so. Journalists, (especially those in other nations), news commentators and any private citizen for that matter have a right and a duty to report news and information that they think is pertinent. That is what our founders called “freedom of the press”.

We defeated Britain in no small part thanks to the printing press which was the internet of that generation. Now our government is the out of control empire and it is seeking to censor our media.

It was just released that the feds have been bailing out media companies in secret. Now they are going to start censoring the ones they don’t like. The MIAC report was leaked, should those who reported on it be thrown in jail? Are we only allowed to see government approved information?

At the same time the FCC is moving to regulate the internet and issue licences for blogs.

Make no mistake the constitution is under attack from domestic enemy’s. What will THIS generation do about it?

**My apologies to Scott Brown. I originally reported that he authored the anti-journalism bill.


Disaster on the Horizon. TSA defeats predict future crisis.

Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Conspiracy theory?, Current Events, End The Fed, False Flag, National Defense, Politics, Unite Against DC on November 17, 2010 by toptruth

Over the last two weeks the corporate theocracy has literally been on fire. Dollar devaluation, The TSA being attacked from every angle, 911 truth gaining ground on fox news of all places.

Why? Like I said last month, like Alex has been saying for a year, we are forcing them to parrot real patriots. This is starting to come full circle and it will accelerate from here.

InfoWars and Alex Jones had a substantial portion of the left during the Bush years. Alex may have saved the republic by releasing The Obama Deception exactly when we needed it. Now the country is awake and starting to see through the lies. Nothing proves this more than the right wing completely abandoning any defense of these new TSA “screenings”.

Anne Coulter on FOX railing against the police state? Geraldo Rivera practically going public live on air for 911 truth? Glenn Beck alluding to government false terror? This is almost going too well.

Am I the only one waiting for the next shoe to drop? How are they going to stop this? If this continues Ron Paul will be elected president and that will most likely mean the end of corporate control of our government. Trillions of dollars are at stake. A century of “progress” on the line, what will the entrenched power structure do to maintain control?

I’m sure they want to stage a terror attack, but it wouldn’t work under these circumstances. What can they do? It could be an ecological or economic disaster of some sort. Viral outbreak is unlikely because it’s too big, these people are not positioned for a global collapse.

Something is coming, I can feel it building. Keep your eyes open.

Vote Republican, for now.

Posted in Climate Change=Global Lie, Congress, Current Events, Economics, Foreign Policy, Iraq War, National Defense, Politics, Tea-Party, Unite Against DC with tags , , , on October 27, 2010 by toptruth

How a political party can win majority’s and the white house for the next decade, and why neither party would ever do it.

*Commit to fiscal sanity. This coud be done relatively slowly  as long as there was a clear plan with teeth.

*Abandon social issues and leave them to the states. Even Republicans should campaign away from the religious right. Where are these voters going to go? Rally the base on fiscal issues.

*Republicans should now use our fiscal problems as an excuse to bring the troops home. We should focus on controlling our borders and maintaining our deterrence on russia and china. The nation building needs to end and we don’t need a global police force instead of a real military. There is a marked difference and neither can do the others job.

*Stop harassing the people. Stop raiding marijuana dealers when they do not violate state statutes. (stop entirely for that matter) Stop telling people what kind of light bulb to buy, what kind of car to drive, what kind of insurance to carry. We don’t need politicians who do some of these things and point to the ones they don’t do. STOP HARASSING THE PEOPLE ENTIRELY!!

This is simple and would win an election almost anywhere when the opposition is against the constitution and the bill of rights. A party with this platform would cause record voter registration and revolutionize the political process.

The reason both party’s are loath to do it is because the élite core are in an evil partnership with each other. They know that both party’s must be dirty to keep the establishment in power, so they each take half of the tyranny blame. Elections become about which of your rights you would rather give up.

This is the state of the nation and it is incredibly dangerous. On Tuesday November 2nd I will vote Republican. On Wednesday the 3rd I will start campaigning against the person I elected. We need every Patriot to do the same if we hope to return to constitutional government in DC.

Awesome new technology sure to stop terror

Posted in 2nd amendment, Current Events, False Flag, Foreign Policy, National Defense, Politics, The Coming Police State with tags , , , on October 1, 2010 by toptruth

Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Please read the article above*

Notice how they compare Veterans to terrorists. Notice how they introduce the idea of just monitoring us all the time. You know, to keep us “safe”. Hey there is a lot of money invested in this technology. If they are marketing it to police, someone is buying.

If we don’t buy this stuff how long untill the investors themselves start dressing up as masked terrorists and “atacking”.

How long untill they decide to off a politician?  They get to scare the others, and they probably get the contract to every major city. Just for starters,

Are we cool with that? Are we just a bunch of sheep that need to be monitored for our own safety?

I say no!

I dont care how many CIA assets like Osama Bin Laden (mainstream history open secret everybody knows) get on AlJaCNN and make scary videos!

I dont care! I want to be free! Before I give up my rights I’ll carry a pistol. I’ll even toss the AR-15 in the trunk if the “threat level” goes to “orange”. Just to “help with safety”.  Seriously if you are really interested in your personal safety. This is a FAR better idea.

You think giving up your rights will make you safer? Really?

You tell me. 

Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Thanks to for digging up the article.*

YouTube – 85 year old Iranian protester in Tehran protesting against the government.

Posted in Economics, Foreign Policy on August 4, 2009 by toptruth

YouTube – 85 year old Iranian protester in Tehran protesting against the government..

God Bless This Women. She Is an Inspiration.

YouTube – Missing Bush Yet? Obama Brings Bush Back!

Posted in Congress, Current Events, Economics, Foreign Policy, National Defense on July 15, 2009 by toptruth

I COULD write a post but this guy took the words right out of my mouth.

Economics/Cheney news/Failed Simulous/Stimulous2

YouTube – Missing Bush Yet? Obama Brings Bush Back!.

Oh and Republicans did a great job bashing Soto. Yay! Everybody jump for joy we still have three reps with balls.

The State of Politics in this nation is a disaster. There is no honesty. Liberals have taken up positions now that would have been absolutely untennable at any point in this nations history. The foundation of the debate today is propaganda and misinformation. 

Anybody who votes democrat in 2010 is in support of fascism and dictatorhip. 

Get informed or you will surely be enslaved.

Things that make you say HMMMMM…

Posted in Current Events, Foreign Policy, National Defense, SCOTUS on June 30, 2009 by toptruth

Lets see..

The leftist president of Honduras was ousted by a Military action sectioned by his own congress.

This was done after he tryed to abolish term limitations. Just a coincidence a lawmaker from NY proposed several months ago we abolish ours too.

Obama calls for the  presidents return to power.

We have troops there. We better keep our eyes on this…

YouTube – Obama concerned by coup in Honduras.

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