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One guy who has been right since 1981.

Posted in Fukashima Cover-Up, Unite Against DC on April 13, 2011 by toptruth

Turns out all the anti-nuclear “wackos” were right…

We have already covered the Fukushima cover-up here. But that doesn’t even begin to address the whole truth…

Much More to come.


Alex Jones was right on Fukushima cover up!

Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Current Events, Fukashima Cover-Up on March 19, 2011 by toptruth

Well friends, When it rains it pours. On a week when I’m needed at my day job 60 hours Nuclear disaster hits and I’m attempting to cover this inspired by Alex Jones who pulled nearly double shifts on the radio running down the story in live time.

It seems Alex’s work has paid off, The head of Fukushima admitted Friday as he broke into tears that they could no longer deny that the situation was now sever.

I have been critical on this blog of Alex’s coverage of possible nuclear disaster in the past. I can tell you that in his pursuit of perfection and living up to the ‘enormous responsiblity’  he has. Alex has delivered close to flawless coverage of the Fukashima disaster and has now been proven right again.

Hats off to Alex AND the infowars team on this one!

Governments cover-up extent of Fukushima Disaster

Posted in Fukashima Cover-Up with tags on March 18, 2011 by toptruth

Last week Alex Jones reported his belief that the Japanese and US governments were involved in a cover-up regarding the levels of radiation released from the Fukushima plant.

Alex uncovered with the help of a caller the little reported fact that 600,000 spent uranium AND plutonium rods were housed INSIDE the plant, and that On Monday Fukashima 3 a GE Mark 1 reactor exploded in a much more dramatic fashion than the previous explosion on Saturday. The caller explained that in this reactor the spent rods were housed directly above the main reactor core. To make matters worse this reactor was using plutonium in addition to the normal less enriched uranium rods. This Plutonium was weapons grade as it was decommissioned from the united states nuclear arms program.

I immediately used the new tool of Twitter to gauge the sentiments of the general population. I found both sides of the ideological  spectrum buying the story and towing the line of the nuclear power lobby and Washington political class. Now officials are admitting that radiation will reach the US and that cargo and planes from Japan are indeed infected with radiation. Still, the establishment pushes the idea that contaminants will not reach a harmful level.  This is untrue, It is quite feasible that those on the West coast could come into contact with plutonium and uranium particulates sometime in the next week. Sea  food and anything that washes up on the coastline could also be radioactive.

People on the west coast should avoid any rain water, Stay inside or wear some sort of mask (this should be researched), Tape their windows and seek medical advice. Even cover there shoes with plastic bags and wear gloves. This is not being reported to avoid a panic. You should not let this dissuade you from preparing. Worst case you’re safer than you need to be.

Video of Fukashima 3 explosion is here:

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