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Alex Jones was right on Fukushima cover up!

Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Current Events, Fukashima Cover-Up on March 19, 2011 by toptruth

Well friends, When it rains it pours. On a week when I’m needed at my day job 60 hours Nuclear disaster hits and I’m attempting to cover this inspired by Alex Jones who pulled nearly double shifts on the radio running down the story in live time.

It seems Alex’s work has paid off, The head of Fukushima admitted Friday as he broke into tears that they could no longer deny that the situation was now sever.

I have been critical on this blog of Alex’s coverage of possible nuclear disaster in the past. I can tell you that in his pursuit of perfection and living up to the ‘enormous responsiblity’  he has. Alex has delivered close to flawless coverage of the Fukashima disaster and has now been proven right again.

Hats off to Alex AND the infowars team on this one!


Disaster on the Horizon. TSA defeats predict future crisis.

Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Conspiracy theory?, Current Events, End The Fed, False Flag, National Defense, Politics, Unite Against DC on November 17, 2010 by toptruth

Over the last two weeks the corporate theocracy has literally been on fire. Dollar devaluation, The TSA being attacked from every angle, 911 truth gaining ground on fox news of all places.

Why? Like I said last month, like Alex has been saying for a year, we are forcing them to parrot real patriots. This is starting to come full circle and it will accelerate from here.

InfoWars and Alex Jones had a substantial portion of the left during the Bush years. Alex may have saved the republic by releasing The Obama Deception exactly when we needed it. Now the country is awake and starting to see through the lies. Nothing proves this more than the right wing completely abandoning any defense of these new TSA “screenings”.

Anne Coulter on FOX railing against the police state? Geraldo Rivera practically going public live on air for 911 truth? Glenn Beck alluding to government false terror? This is almost going too well.

Am I the only one waiting for the next shoe to drop? How are they going to stop this? If this continues Ron Paul will be elected president and that will most likely mean the end of corporate control of our government. Trillions of dollars are at stake. A century of “progress” on the line, what will the entrenched power structure do to maintain control?

I’m sure they want to stage a terror attack, but it wouldn’t work under these circumstances. What can they do? It could be an ecological or economic disaster of some sort. Viral outbreak is unlikely because it’s too big, these people are not positioned for a global collapse.

Something is coming, I can feel it building. Keep your eyes open.


Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Congress, Current Events, Politics, Tea-Party, Unite Against DC on October 29, 2010 by toptruth

The last few days it’s seemed like every media outlet is parroting this blog. Beck, Limbaugh, Jason Lewis, it’s been a downright phenomena. We are all channelling Alex Jones. We can all now “see outside the lines” as Beck said.

It’s because infowarriors are driving the debate. The drudge has been picking up storys with incredible regularity for months. Rand Paul will be the next senator from Kentucky. The war is working.

History will happen on Tuesday. Get out there, Be part of it. Lets go people! Everyone should be campaigning this weekend.  

*Make a flyer explaining who you are, who you will vote for and why. Ask the people in your community to vote. Look them in the eye and tell them how important it is to you.

*Volunteer for your candidate.

*Make a donation. Republicans have been outspent by democrats.

*Call a radio talk show.

*Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

This Weekend will only happen once. One time. Never again.




Reaction to Rush/American Spectator. ‘Lets Live United’

Posted in Alex Jones is right!?, Politics, Tea-Party, Unite Against DC with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 26, 2010 by toptruth

The very foundations of the political norm are shaking. Rush Limbaugh exposing the real power structure is as he said, decades in the making. It’s time for everyone to put the cards on the table.

We The People Must Stand Up and get off our knees. It’s time to put up or shut up. There is no more tomorrow. What we are seeing here is history in the making. We must wrestle the reigns of power out of the hands of Washington DC and into the hands of the people through the states, the constitution and bill of rights.

It’s not going to be easy. We must fight a balls to the walls infowar against the establishment while getting more involved with our local communities and tightening our financial belts. It will be hard and it will take the whole measure of a decade to acheive our goals.

The good news is we have the technology, we have the ability and we have the opportunity. A smaller government and more freedom is within grasp. We must come together and realise that the devisions are an illusion. The party’s are a farce, the theatre is a phony hoax.

Look behind the curtains and see the political class for what it is.

We still have the pioneering spirit coursing through our veins. 200 years of the best of the best seeking freedom and enduring unspeakable hardship. Fighting and defeating the British twice in war was no easy task. We don’t need to shoot these miserable power junkies.  We can expose them and restore our freedoms so easily, peacefully if we understand 90% of us are on the same side and the 10% is trying to divide us.

We have the mechanisms. We have common law, natural law, the magna carta, the declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights.

It’s time to re-declare our independence. The right revolution will unite us and forever forge the nation into one free people. We and all our forbearer’s  came here to escape a ruling class that was hellbent on dominating them.

Cut ANY American and Freedom pours from his veins unrelentingly. He needs only for it to be pointed out to him. From the Mayflower to former slaves fighting for freedom against an empire and later a confederacy bankrolled by agents of British finance. The Scotts and Irish who settled the mountains and resisted the federal alcohol tax. The Chinese workers who laid the rail roads. All willing to work to death for a chance at being free and independent. Together we represent the absolute best of our species. We have simply forgotten what we have in common, and forgotten our history. It’s time we remember.




Rush discussing the “ruling class” and why Republicans betray the people: 

American Spectator Article by Angello M. Codavilla June-Agust 2010:

Glenn Beck IS the Puzzle Part That Just Wont Fit.

Posted in Alex Jones is right!? with tags , , , , , , on April 24, 2010 by toptruth

Glenn Beck has presented a lot of good information. I never really disagreed with him. You could almost say that for a while his off hand comments compiled with the facts he presented truly represented a broad and diverse spectrum of discontent in the union.

finally awake and researching the history of politics I was weary of everybody. I had watched the Obama Deception by Alex Jones for free on you tube. I did some research on him, Although I was impressed with the movie I wasn’t sure about the 911 thing. How could something like that be hidden? It did not seem plausible.

One night Beck calls “birthers” and “truthers” crazy and puts them on oposite sides. For a second this made sense. Then I remembered the Obama deception, and how Jesse Ventura recently came out for 911 Truth. Not to mention the fact that I STILL had not seen a birth certificate.

The way Beck just mixed in his assumptions without any evidence at a key time in a campaign was very suspicious. In addition to this he had done a hit piece on Alex Jones without ever mentioning his name when he “debunked FEMA camps”.

Glenn, however got me thinking about it. I had to research it because Mr. Beck presented NO FACTS.

I started downloading The Alex Jones show podcast for free. Alex’s show was a lot better than I thought it would be. The guests he had on presented more facts than any other talk show anywhere. I expected the ravings of a lunatic and instead I found a diverse and never ending stream of seemingly credible sources. Experts, current and retired politicians. Retired law enforcement, military, pentagon officials. Dr.’s, Lawyers, Judges, Economists, Trend Experts, Historians, all patriots.

I got a membership and was able to watch more than 20 documentary movies that were absolutely jam packed with information. It became clear that if Alex was not legitimate he represented a very large and intricate fraud laid out over more than a decade and a half. The 5min interview with popular mechanics did not a “debunking make”. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Plus Alex Jones doesnt even copyright his material.

More people need to watch these movies and demand some kind of investigation from someone, anyone anywhere. If  Beck believes these people to be crazy than lets have a debate. Lets see the facts Mr. Beck because either way I want this fraud resolved ASAP!            

But the Beckster will do no such thing! His actions don’t quite seem congruent. And he is trying to hi-jack a grass roots movement.

Hey Beck! You wanna “restore honor” why don’t you try sharing the evidence you found so compelling you saw it fit to get down from your Faux podium and sabotage a local election.

Beck just doesnt seem to fit, does he?


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