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How to defend the 2nd amendment.

Posted in 2nd amendment, The Coming Police State, Unite Against DC on August 8, 2012 by toptruth

Our friends at the white house seem to think the second amendment and gun ownership are just for nostalgia and “sporting”. Obama  claims that AK-47’s belong in the hands of soldiers instead of criminals. He neglects to mention his own exporting of fire arms into Mexico. Not to mention his Nixonian attempts to cover it up. “Mr. President” cannot fool us all. We know that he is the real criminal. We also know that the 2nd amendment is to protect us from tyrannical government.

Of course there was a right to hunt when the constitution was ratified. The point of the 2nd amendment was to make clear that the right to bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. The meaning of this was unmistakable and made clear by our founders. The people’s fire arms are the last defense of democide.

Democide is the killing of citizens by their own government. In the 20th century democide was by far the leading killer of people. 120m unnatural deaths at the hands of tyrannical “government”. The idea that you should give up your rights to protect against some irrational act of violence is preposterous. Media hyped tragedies not withstanding 21 crimes are frustrated with legally owned fire arms for each that is commissioned. Giving up your guns will not keep you safe, not from your neighbors, not from your government.

There is no question that our global governors want to take Americas guns. The question is how will they do it. I can assure you they will be as sneaky as they possibly can be. They will probably attempt to pass and ratify a watered down UN small arms treaty. What you need to know is that this treaty can be changed at any time and remain legally binding. Since this is possible and we cannot know for sure what legalese might reside within such a treaty we must resist the very idea of it.

An abrupt quickening of the creeping incrementalism we have seen is the most likely result if history is our guide. However the global power structure is far behind on this issue. They may attempt an actual confiscation of legally owned semi automatic fire arms. If they do all gun owners must consider two very bleak futures.

Phase one:

Any date that is set for confiscation of fire arms must be met with organized resolve. Gun owners should meet at the halls of power carrying legally and openly. They should try to find a friendly  police chief. The cooperation of law enforcement is critical in this phase. Weather patriots get pre-approval or win over officers at the scene. Confrontation with local law enforcement is the fastest road to failure.

Since LE cooperation is paramount patriots should organize at and gather in friendly community’s wherever possible. In this phase we want to find strength in numbers and pre-empt federal control of local LE. Patriots MUST conduct themselves with complete reverence to public safety.

Patriots should bring camping gear and occupy the area. They should carry and post signs with the 2nd amendment and the words of our founders. They should be prepared to be attacked from within and also to frustrate any attacker posing as a Patriot. Patriots will not arrive looking for war. They will not point a weapon at any one for any reason. Patriots must make any and every effort to educated law enforcement and persuade them to stand down and not attempt a removal. This is absolutely essential to victory on this issue. Peace officers are our partners against criminals and threats to the constitution. 

Phase two:

Phase two begins only after local support has been established. Patriots will work with the community to ensure safe and hygienic camping quarters. This should be considered when choosing a location. A vote must be taken to create some structure to the community. This might even be done prior to the event to ensure  a smooth transition.

Phase Three:

By phase three local support and supply lines are established. By now there are similar organized events of disobedience in 30 states and 100 cities. By now the day to turn in your guns has either past or is imminent. Immense pressure will be brought to bear on law enforcement. Hopefully the police chief will not order his men to carry out unconstitutional federal demands. This is a crucial point as soldiers and federal agents might pull triggers on citizens but they will most assuredly think twice about shooting police officers.

Every effort MUST be made to establish preemptive support from local law enforcement and officials. This point cannot be overstated. We do not need to pick cities that are the center of regional power. Strategy demands a friendly town hall. The only answer to gun confiscation is civil disobedience but war with police will only play into the enemy’s hands. We must inform our peace officers. They will serve the people if we make our needs clear before the possibility of confrontation arises.

At this point the feds will have a plan to mobilize heavy armor, rolling tanks and “nonlethal’s” on protestors. If they do this we have lost a battle but not the war and a personal choice must be made. If we flee from the sound machines that will blast our eardrums from our heads we will be fleeing from our own right to bear arms. Some would say resisting is our duty since peaceful assembly and a redress of grievances is guaranteed. Those who do this might die and it will be forever debated if they served the cause well. No one can know how they will react but some will stay and lose their hearing. When the men in black uniforms try to move these now wounded warriors will they have any fight left? No one can say.

The best result is a mass stand down by all officers agents and soldiers from the city to the army. Spread the news far and wide the people will not consent. Are we up to the the challenge? Every mind we awake has the potential to save lives and defend freedom. Each of us stands before history as its being made. We are all living through a milestone. It is happening despite our feelings on the matter. We must now decide what our role in history will be.

The information war is ongoing. You are the resistance. Your orders are clear. Good luck.


Awesome new technology sure to stop terror

Posted in 2nd amendment, Current Events, False Flag, Foreign Policy, National Defense, Politics, The Coming Police State with tags , , , on October 1, 2010 by toptruth

Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Please read the article above*

Notice how they compare Veterans to terrorists. Notice how they introduce the idea of just monitoring us all the time. You know, to keep us “safe”. Hey there is a lot of money invested in this technology. If they are marketing it to police, someone is buying.

If we don’t buy this stuff how long untill the investors themselves start dressing up as masked terrorists and “atacking”.

How long untill they decide to off a politician?  They get to scare the others, and they probably get the contract to every major city. Just for starters,

Are we cool with that? Are we just a bunch of sheep that need to be monitored for our own safety?

I say no!

I dont care how many CIA assets like Osama Bin Laden (mainstream history open secret everybody knows) get on AlJaCNN and make scary videos!

I dont care! I want to be free! Before I give up my rights I’ll carry a pistol. I’ll even toss the AR-15 in the trunk if the “threat level” goes to “orange”. Just to “help with safety”.  Seriously if you are really interested in your personal safety. This is a FAR better idea.

You think giving up your rights will make you safer? Really?

You tell me. 

Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Thanks to for digging up the article.*

Texas Shooter Makes No Sense

Posted in 2nd amendment, Conspiracy theory?, False Flag with tags , on September 29, 2010 by toptruth

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to properly cover the incident at the University of Texas Tuesday morning. I would be remiss however if I didn’t point out a few things.

*It’s a little strange that the shooter never targeted anyone and instead was seen shooting at a median according to one witness. 

*The shooter was said to have been wearing a mask but was quickly identified.

*The shooter then fled into a building and shot himself in the head.

*Coincidently a gun rights student organization had a rally planned that evening which was cancelled due to the incident

Why does the media insist on assuming this was some gun nut gone nuts? This story doesn’t seem to be consistent with that at all. Why would he kill himself before the party?

If there was some other event like a gay rights rally planned for that day wouldn’t the establishment assume that the shooter was targeting the event?  

Seems the only victim today was the 2nd Amendment.

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