Greetings From TaxatUKids! / The Only Reason to Stay.

Hey Nation just wanted to say “HI!”

Hope  you are all doing  super swell…Im feeling patriotic because my State Government never stops coming up with new ways to tax me.

Higher Sales Tax, The Highest Gas Tax in the Nation, Heck Taxes on taxes even…I KNOW my State will keep spending on all the programs that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

How long can we here in TaxatUKids continue to be the most Patriotic gas buyers in the nation ? Wont revenues go down when they raise all our taxes in the middle of a recession?

Im sure since our governor the CaddiLack Kid and Obama are so close we can get a bailout like California, HECK Barney Frank is already working on it (seriously he is). 

Just pile it all onto the National Debt  that way Every Single American Child can Pay for our Welfare Moms to have FREE cell phones, CARS, Insurance AND AAA.

70+ Trillion in DEBT, Might as well be 71 right? You’re good for it right Nation? 

You Cant Hide From Us When we run out of money We’ll Just get taxes from YOUR kids!  


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