Watch all the Prison Planet content in HD for FREE!!!

I recently purchased a membership JUST for the readers of this blog. Now you have hours of documentaries in the highest quality, years of archived shows, The new Nightly News program, and special reports at the tips of your fingers! This account will allow up to six users to access content at once.  Simply go to enter the information below and you’re ready to watch.

Sorry guys the account has been disabled. I had way to many hits one day and I think we must have given them some problems. I guess I wasn’t really expecting such a large response. Once I get the problem sorted out I will share the password privately with anyone who messages me.

Unfortunately do to an injury I really can’t type every night but to be honest the folks at do a tremendous job. I hope you will all listen to the Alex Jones Show since it is free. Mike Rivero also has a good show at  if you prefer a Hawaiian to a Texan. Also check out The body of  evidence on these websites aswell as on is truly staggering. Use the you tube links to the top infowars movies on the right of my home page when you scroll down. (just click the cover art)

There is real debate to take place but without the real facts we are debating the wrong issues. Please stop relying on mainstream news sources. Thanks for the support.



8 Responses to “Watch all the Prison Planet content in HD for FREE!!!”

  1. v for victory Says:

    wow thanks a whole lot man

  2. johnconner1984 Says:

    nice blog, just followed it. check out mine when you get a chance.

  3. Your blog is definitely nice to read. I definitely like to go on to help spread the information out to people as my YouTube account has no limits on minutes so I can help get the info out there. Please send me your new password and account details for when you have the chance. Thanks!

  4. hi, great site!
    just curious if you ever got your account back up and if so how i could get that info.

    thanks for your time.

    • toptruth Says:

      Working on several posts that will break down some guerilla infowar strategys . Thanks for your question as it is very important.

  5. I’d like to watch the movies. Can you hook me up bro? Thanks a bunch!

    • Sorry due to demand for this I am no longer sharing the information I will let you know if more accounts become available. Most movies are available on you tube for free. Links are on the right side of the home page or search Obama deception, fall of the republic etc into a you tube search. Thanks for your interest and your resistance.

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