The Case for Ron Paul in 2012

The talking heads and establishment hacks are falling all over themselves bitterly excoriating Ron Paul for being a “radical libertarian”. The term is a red herring, the seal of approval the proof that he will bring real change.

The left revile’s him because he demands fiscal sanity. The right slams him for opposing never-ending wars without declaration. I know we MUST elect a Ron Paul candidate, if we fail to do so all other issues are moot.

1.7T in debt this year, 20B per month paid in interest alone. We cannot solve this debt problem by cutting only the programs one party, or the other party dislikes. We must forsake all the sacred cows, Ron Paul has the record to prove he will do this.

Ever notice that are last three presidents claim to be against ‘nation building’ but have each started foreign military operations that do exactly that? I supported the Bush wars but we cannot afford them, still have not found Bin Laden or WMD’s and are now supporting al-Qaeda in Libya. I can proudly support Ron Paul for opposing all the foreign adventures.

The TSA is groping 6 year olds, Running naked body scanners that aren’t OSHA compliant and the war on drugs rages on. Maybe Mexico won’t completely collapse if we remove the profit motif and properly regulate narcotics. Ron Paul has spoken out against the war on drugs and growing police state for over a decade.

Ron Paul is change you can count on.


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