Unrest Grips The Middle East

In Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt protestors are demanding change. Just as they are in Europe and the U.S the people are protesting the New World Order in every nation it controls. These are all nations being systematically bankrupted by the IMF and the corporate banking cartel.

The economic collapse and police state expansion taking place all over the world is a carefully orchestrated plan with the ultimate goal of bringing the people of earth to their knees.

On que Biden insists MubarakĀ isn’t a dictator. Which he clearly is, when you turn off the internet because peaceful protestors organize on facebook you’re a certified tyrant.

Meanwhile the right insists we must prop up these authoritarian hegemony’s because they’re not Islamic. This ridiculous assertion that our enemy’s enemy is our friend MUST come to an end. I’m tired of my leaders supporting this kind of scum in my name.


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