2011 Starts With A Bang!!!

So January has been quite a month and it’s not even over. How can I even begin to address the endless abyss of evil which is laid before us daily.

The police state is in full swing following the mass shooting in Arizona. The left first tried to  blame the right since it was a democrat who seemed to be targeted. unfortunately for them they ended up with egg on their face since said democrat was conservative and the shooter was a deranged Satan worshiper who was a leftist if anything,

Now the political class has circled the wagons and attempted to blame the Patriot movement. The most disgusting of all was Glenn Beck who after slamming the left for first blaming him then pointed to a 911 truth film the shooter liked and said that 911 truthers are dangerous. I cancelled the DVR event of Mr.Becks show immediately. As Alex suspected he is simply a puppet installed to try and hijack the patriot movement.

Despite the fact that victims family’s have expressly asked Mr.Obama not to use the tragedy in Arizona to take away our rights that is exactly what they are doing. The white house has announced that they will try to implement a new level of gun control within the next few weeks. Some are saying he wont be able to pass it since the house is controlled by republicans. These people should remember the health care process. Obama knows who is in congress and he will frame this bill with soaring rhetoric aimed at chiseling away the week knead republicans principles. They will attempt to pass a trojan horse bill that can later be “expanded” through executive power.

Internet censorship continues on all fronts.

Freedom of speech is under attack as anyone with a “radical” point of view is blamed for the actions of violent psychopaths,

Televisions showing homeland security messages have been rolled into Wallmarts and shopping malls all over the U.S. And Peter King, congressman of New York is trying to remove any recourse you might have against someone who improperly or dishonestly reports you as a terrorist after seeing one of these D.H.S propaganda screens.





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