Spineless Republicans set to vote for massive new spending bill.

Thinking about this I realise that these guys are itching to pass this bill. Sure some of them will hem and haww but the bill will pass none the less. The demonrats that couldn’t be satisfied with 3 years of unemployment just had to throw more spending on the tree . They couldn’t resist because this is their last chance to spread enough money out at home that they find a cushy job to go to.

The republicans get the best deal of all. They get to blame everything on the demons and avoid making tough decisions about unemployment for two years. Think about it, republicans have no reason to wish failure on this bill.

Republicans should have philibusterd every single bill presented since the election. The new congress isn’t traveling by horse back. We need to change this, these losers cannot be allowed to sit in chairs the voters fired them from and continue to “fundamentally transform the united states of america”. Unacceptable.

Pass a retroactive tax bill in January.

Block everything.

Force Obama to veto bills that repeal everything he has done. EVERYTHING!

Force him to veto them daily for the next two years and fund NOTHING!




If you have “representatives” who are not doing all three of these things they are NOT Patriots.


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