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Spineless Republicans set to vote for massive new spending bill.

Posted in Congress, Current Events, Economics, Politics, Unite Against DC on December 14, 2010 by toptruth

Thinking about this I realise that these guys are itching to pass this bill. Sure some of them will hem and haww but the bill will pass none the less. The demonrats that couldn’t be satisfied with 3 years of unemployment just had to throw more spending on the tree . They couldn’t resist because this is their last chance to spread enough money out at home that they find a cushy job to go to.

The republicans get the best deal of all. They get to blame everything on the demons and avoid making tough decisions about unemployment for two years. Think about it, republicans have no reason to wish failure on this bill.

Republicans should have philibusterd every single bill presented since the election. The new congress isn’t traveling by horse back. We need to change this, these losers cannot be allowed to sit in chairs the voters fired them from and continue to “fundamentally transform the united states of america”. Unacceptable.

Pass a retroactive tax bill in January.

Block everything.

Force Obama to veto bills that repeal everything he has done. EVERYTHING!

Force him to veto them daily for the next two years and fund NOTHING!




If you have “representatives” who are not doing all three of these things they are NOT Patriots.


Wiki Leaks / Waki Leakers and the Police State

Posted in Censorship, Congress, Current Events, End The Fed, National Defense, Politics, SCOTUS, The Coming Police State, Unite Against DC on December 8, 2010 by toptruth

Some Dummy (Peter King?) in the Senate authored a bill to give life in prison to any journalist who publishes leaked information. It will be hard to convict even the thief of this information with treason under current law. Even espionage could be a problem since the law is written so vaguely that it could cause a serious inquiry into the constitutionality of said law. This is what was said on FOX News anyway.

The reason for this in my opinion is that our founders didn’t give the federal government a lot of power with which to keep secrets. The writers knew  that good governments have little need for it. We are not talking about the nuclear codes here. So far the wiki leaks have only confirmed what we already suspected, that we’re being lied to.

I don’t know what is in these documents, so it’s difficult to pass judgement on Assange or the leaker although the later should definitely spend a life in prison and Assange seems to have gone into the terrorism buiseness threatening to release a “poison pill” should he be arrested for publishing the release. Either the information is fit for release or it’s not. This move cements Assange as a dirtbag in my opinion.

The leaker in these situations is either treasonous or he feels the people have a right to the information. Either way he must be punished because we cannot have military officers making that decision on their own without repercussions. If he feels strongly enough that he is right he will accept the punishment and hope for pardon or stay. Although from what I gather this guy was no patriot.

Journalists an ethical responsibility to avoid releasing information that will get people killed. In other words specifics about a military operation that is ongoing, or informants names or locations, undercovers etc…

I think most of this information should not have been released, but I support his right to do so. Journalists, (especially those in other nations), news commentators and any private citizen for that matter have a right and a duty to report news and information that they think is pertinent. That is what our founders called “freedom of the press”.

We defeated Britain in no small part thanks to the printing press which was the internet of that generation. Now our government is the out of control empire and it is seeking to censor our media.

It was just released that the feds have been bailing out media companies in secret. Now they are going to start censoring the ones they don’t like. The MIAC report was leaked, should those who reported on it be thrown in jail? Are we only allowed to see government approved information?

At the same time the FCC is moving to regulate the internet and issue licences for blogs.

Make no mistake the constitution is under attack from domestic enemy’s. What will THIS generation do about it?

**My apologies to Scott Brown. I originally reported that he authored the anti-journalism bill.

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