Disaster on the Horizon. TSA defeats predict future crisis.

Over the last two weeks the corporate theocracy has literally been on fire. Dollar devaluation, The TSA being attacked from every angle, 911 truth gaining ground on fox news of all places.

Why? Like I said last month, like Alex has been saying for a year, we are forcing them to parrot real patriots. This is starting to come full circle and it will accelerate from here.

InfoWars and Alex Jones had a substantial portion of the left during the Bush years. Alex may have saved the republic by releasing The Obama Deception exactly when we needed it. Now the country is awake and starting to see through the lies. Nothing proves this more than the right wing completely abandoning any defense of these new TSA “screenings”.

Anne Coulter on FOX railing against the police state? Geraldo Rivera practically going public live on air for 911 truth? Glenn Beck alluding to government false terror? This is almost going too well.

Am I the only one waiting for the next shoe to drop? How are they going to stop this? If this continues Ron Paul will be elected president and that will most likely mean the end of corporate control of our government. Trillions of dollars are at stake. A century of “progress” on the line, what will the entrenched power structure do to maintain control?

I’m sure they want to stage a terror attack, but it wouldn’t work under these circumstances. What can they do? It could be an ecological or economic disaster of some sort. Viral outbreak is unlikely because it’s too big, these people are not positioned for a global collapse.

Something is coming, I can feel it building. Keep your eyes open.


3 Responses to “Disaster on the Horizon. TSA defeats predict future crisis.”

  1. The part in the Obama Deception documentary where they tell the viewers about the future global currency , I think it’s true.I’ve seen on the news a couple of weeks ago , that they are setting up a world bank here in Italy to prepare for that.On the other hand , some countries are going back from the euro to their original currency because it’s better for the economy.What’s the better move in your oppinion?

    • Currencies should be created by sovereign states. The idea of the IMF creating a “special drawing rights” currency where they set the value of all other currencies is incredibly dangerous. The last thing we need is some global cabal with the power to essentially print currency and minipulate markets on a global scale.
      They are putting this in place. They create the money, give it to the banks who get it at high value. By the time it trickles down its been devalued along with any savings an indevidual might have. It is a hidden tax. Next they will use this system to finance their global government.
      The idea of Brussles telling me how to live my life is terrifying. How can a buerocracy that big be responsive to indeviduals and their needs? Power should flow from the people, to local governments and then to national and international entities. The plutocrats are turning that upside down.
      The “president” of the EU isnt even elected. Elite corporations are the only entities with a real seat at tables this big. They control the selection process.
      Eourope should abandon the EU entirely. We need a local focus on this planet. We have the technology to create fully sustainable small communities. I have nothing against import and export but when your very survivle is dependent on it you are beholden to the money changers and the entrenched power structure.
      The riots in europe pretend a serious problem. It is the failure of large socialistic systems which in truth were set up by elite power brokers for the express purpose of bankrupting the people and enslaving them to global entities.
      Communalism works only on the smallest of scales, when those in leadership roles are directly effected by their actions. Also, national debt should be outlawed. There is no reason for a sovereign nation to borrow money from a banking cartel when the can print their own currency.

  2. Thanks for a great answer , I agree with everything you said.I will be checking out your blog , cuz it’s way better than reading their lies in the newspappers or watching the news.

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