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The last few days it’s seemed like every media outlet is parroting this blog. Beck, Limbaugh, Jason Lewis, it’s been a downright phenomena. We are all channelling Alex Jones. We can all now “see outside the lines” as Beck said.

It’s because infowarriors are driving the debate. The drudge has been picking up storys with incredible regularity for months. Rand Paul will be the next senator from Kentucky. The war is working.

History will happen on Tuesday. Get out there, Be part of it. Lets go people! Everyone should be campaigning this weekend.  

*Make a flyer explaining who you are, who you will vote for and why. Ask the people in your community to vote. Look them in the eye and tell them how important it is to you.

*Volunteer for your candidate.

*Make a donation. Republicans have been outspent by democrats.

*Call a radio talk show.

*Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

This Weekend will only happen once. One time. Never again.





Juan Williams Will Be replaced by Henry Louis Gates

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Just want to be the first to predict it.

Juan Williams who was recently fired from NPR for admitting muslims make him feel nervous on planes will be replaced by “Beer Summit” attendee Henry Gates.

Anyone want to start a pool? They are going to have to hire someone since now they don’t have a single black journalist. Wait…NPR doesnt meet their racial quota? How could they not have more than one African-American?

Vote Republican, for now.

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How a political party can win majority’s and the white house for the next decade, and why neither party would ever do it.

*Commit to fiscal sanity. This coud be done relatively slowly  as long as there was a clear plan with teeth.

*Abandon social issues and leave them to the states. Even Republicans should campaign away from the religious right. Where are these voters going to go? Rally the base on fiscal issues.

*Republicans should now use our fiscal problems as an excuse to bring the troops home. We should focus on controlling our borders and maintaining our deterrence on russia and china. The nation building needs to end and we don’t need a global police force instead of a real military. There is a marked difference and neither can do the others job.

*Stop harassing the people. Stop raiding marijuana dealers when they do not violate state statutes. (stop entirely for that matter) Stop telling people what kind of light bulb to buy, what kind of car to drive, what kind of insurance to carry. We don’t need politicians who do some of these things and point to the ones they don’t do. STOP HARASSING THE PEOPLE ENTIRELY!!

This is simple and would win an election almost anywhere when the opposition is against the constitution and the bill of rights. A party with this platform would cause record voter registration and revolutionize the political process.

The reason both party’s are loath to do it is because the élite core are in an evil partnership with each other. They know that both party’s must be dirty to keep the establishment in power, so they each take half of the tyranny blame. Elections become about which of your rights you would rather give up.

This is the state of the nation and it is incredibly dangerous. On Tuesday November 2nd I will vote Republican. On Wednesday the 3rd I will start campaigning against the person I elected. We need every Patriot to do the same if we hope to return to constitutional government in DC.

Do we need big government?

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In the time of the tea-party big government types are on the defensive. Some of these folks have come to argue a point debated since the dawn of civilization. In addition to ancient history the very founding of our nation is rooted in this age old debate. 

Do we need an iron fist control network controlling our every move?

Studying history one sees a vast array of social structures ie The dynasties of the far east, Kama Sutra in india, The dawn of democracy in Greece. In Europe the Celtics, In the Americas a myriad of native tribes from the Aztec to the Hopi.

What can the study of these cultures even from a surface scan tell us about human sociology and how it relates to government? For the sake of time I will share with you my conclusions.

I believe that government too big is a far greater danger than government that is too small. When I look at history I see example after example of governments run out of control. Most notably, Germany elected a man who ran as a socialist. He later framed another state for an attack he committed on his own capital. He shredded the rule of law, launched the 2nd world war, instituted a complete police state and committed the atrocities of the holocaust.

We are all familiar with Adolf Hitler. What we are not often taught is how the government convinced the people to fall into this system. At the core of this was eugenics, the supposed science of engineering the master race. The government told the people it had to control everything in order to restore the health and prosperity of the nation.

A government which controls the people will one day fall into complete despotism. Corruption grows worse every year when the people are not able to check government power. The more control the more corruption, the more corruption the more control. Invariably in this enviroment only the most dastardly thrive. We don’t see a lot of governments step back from the brink and relinquish control. Over and over we see civilizations deteriorate and destroy themselves to the personal ruin of the people.

Some throw up their hands and say that it’s just the way it is. They knowingly accept this fate. I am here to tell you that we owe our forefathers better than that.

The founding fathers took a huge step in the history of civilizations. A pure democracy is mob rule and can be easily corrupted. Knowing this these men created something new. A constitutional republic. That means that the constitution is the rule of law not the will of 51%.

Our constitution holds the rights of the individual above all. The only constitution that states that men get their rights directly from their creator. This way it is built in that these rights cannot be taken away by government because they were not granted by it.

The constitution also explicitly states that the people (through the constitution) have afforded government specific powers for the sole purpose of protecting our god given rights. It also states that any powers not given to the federal government remain with the sates or the people.

Sorry folks but 90% of what the US Federal Government does is illegal under its own charter. Even worse what it is tasked to do it ignores.

This is simply fact.

If you allow this to continue we will move only towards our own destruction. We are more than a hundred years down the road toward tyranny. One day the worst will happen and it will be because good people stayed on the bench. Our founders told us this. They knew it would happen and warned us in writing. Their words can still be read and are more than applicable.

Statists want us to give up our rights and freedoms saying “you have to so government can keep you safe”, they tell us what to eat, drink, smoke. Scan us, Search us, tax us. None of it is any good and it is bankrupting our country.

Yes there are draw backs to a smaller government, nothing is perfect. But Big Government creates the problems and the solution is always more control for our own good. This argument was made in George Washingtons day aswell. Franklin, Jefferson and Washington were not buying it and neither am I.

I will not trade my freedom for “security”. I will not sit down and shut up.

Some say “whats the difference I can’t change anything”. I say you can do more than you think but even if its futile at least you did your part. At least you did your duty. 


Some of you need to wake up and take a stand. Are you Men or Mice?


Mc-EE-Deez gets Waiver on Health Care

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Reported yesterday McDonald’s and 29 other companies got waivers for some key health care provisions.

Breaking News!!!

CEO’s scuttle around like shellfish trying to see someone in government for a waiver.

No principle, Wont come out against anything, some even supported the “health care reform” bill. These little boot lickers fall inline fast.

The Media makes it sound like an out in out waiver specifically naming McDonald’s and others. If this is true I would expect it to be completely illegal. I would expect them to craft some amendment that would by virtue of its specifics grant these “waivers” to a  small group of company’s. However if this names a specific company I would say it’s clearly unconstitutional under equal protection.

If its not unconstitutional, it sure as hell should be. As a reward for supporting the ultra-contoversial law these companys get “waivers for it’s key provisions”?

Could you ask for a more obvious example of corruption?  Could these thugs POSSIBLY trample your rights to a greater degree? They can and they do!


Get out of Line for a “waiver”

Come out against this law and the curruption it only seeks to expand.

Government Resentment!? Pick Your Poison.

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News flash people!! Everyone resents government. The ONLY thing holding the establishment together is the fact that we are distracted by a false paradigm.

Yeah Yeah You think the Democrats are commies, and your neighbor thinks republicans are fascist pigs. Guess what they both work for the same criminal nut jobs. On robbing the people they all agree, then they just argue about who’s freedom to take away. Poisin is Poison.

Guess what? Everybody looses!

Don’t be distracted. Conjur the courage of your ancestors and seek


Dont get mad! Put on an INFORWARS T-Shirt and a smile!

It feels great to be a freedom fighter!

Awesome new technology sure to stop terror

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Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Please read the article above*

Notice how they compare Veterans to terrorists. Notice how they introduce the idea of just monitoring us all the time. You know, to keep us “safe”. Hey there is a lot of money invested in this technology. If they are marketing it to police, someone is buying.

If we don’t buy this stuff how long untill the investors themselves start dressing up as masked terrorists and “atacking”.

How long untill they decide to off a politician?  They get to scare the others, and they probably get the contract to every major city. Just for starters,

Are we cool with that? Are we just a bunch of sheep that need to be monitored for our own safety?

I say no!

I dont care how many CIA assets like Osama Bin Laden (mainstream history open secret everybody knows) get on AlJaCNN and make scary videos!

I dont care! I want to be free! Before I give up my rights I’ll carry a pistol. I’ll even toss the AR-15 in the trunk if the “threat level” goes to “orange”. Just to “help with safety”.  Seriously if you are really interested in your personal safety. This is a FAR better idea.

You think giving up your rights will make you safer? Really?

You tell me. 

Technology identifies troubled individuals – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

*Thanks to for digging up the article.*

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