More Government Control!? Conspiracy Theory?

I can understand why from a cursory glance some advocate more government control. We see Wall St and global corporations smothering the free market and oppressing the people. The problem is that these interests control the government. We already have an endless panopticon of government controls. The SEC was warned for a decade about Bernie Madoff. The Fed was warned in 99 by a head regulator and personal friend of Hillary Clinton about the derivatives bubble, It was covered up. This is documented in a PBS movie called “warning” which is available for instant watching on Netflix. This is just one reason why even TIME magazine placed Clinton ahead of Bush in blame for the financial collapse.

Dont you see? The monied interests control our government. The US federal government is operating under emergency powers and is essentially in a controlled bankruptcy which is managed by our PRIVATE central bank. This bank is controlled by old world interests revolving around The Rothschild family and British imperialists.

Conspiracy Theory? What about the theory of relativity? Hasnt the establishment always denied untill the bitter end every ground breaking “theory”?   

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5 Responses to “More Government Control!? Conspiracy Theory?”

  1. This is documented in an A&E movie called ”warning” which is available for instant watching on Netflix

    Oh, so there is a film that makes the same claim. It is made by an unknown company and a director on which there are all of four lines to be found on wikipedia, and only a stub listing in the Internet Movie Data Base. Now that sounds like a reliable source.

    Conspiracy Theory? What about the theory of relativity? Hasnt the establishment always denied untill the bitter end every ground breaking “theory”?

    Uhm… what the heck? Are you implying that any theory that gets opposed is therefore true? What kind of silly non-sequitur is that?
    Also, your conspiracy theory is a “theory” only in the colloquial sense. A scientific theory is something fundamentally different.
    Your statement and the conclusion you seem to want the reader to draw from this are simply laughable.

    • Do you really beleive what you’re writing? Obviously conspiracy theory isnt the same as a scientific theory. The point is that a ruling class or establishment will always demonize an idea that will lead to a decrease in the centralized power they wish to expand.

      A&E is unkown? Are you living on mars and only watching TV from the 1950’s?

      That said, some of what they now call “conspiracy theory” is clearly true based on facts they themselves have submitted into evidence. Look at what is happening to our country? What else could possibly explain our times?

      Other “theory’s” do have much more “scientific” origins. You should seek out your local architects and engineers for 911 truth. Look into the flouridation of water. Look into the gulf of tonkin, operation northwoods, the Oklahoma City bombing or JFK assasination.

      Some of these might be true, or half true, others are sure to be complete lies. I find many of these theories to be quite persuasive, even when I don’t want to beleive them.

      I am not qualified to say which are true, maybe none of us are. What I do know is that considering the facts the establishment admits, I am loath to trust any of them. Can you really put anything past these people?

      The Bailout isnt a conspiracy theory. Social Security going bankrupt isnt a conspiracy theory. Our bill of rights and constitution were actually written. These documents are in fact law. Our government is clearly in violation of it’s own founding contract.

      Who knows what they are willing to do to maintain power. Bush, Clinton, Obama, its all the same hoax.

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  3. Do you know of any good conspiracy theories concerning our government? If so share them here and add references to back them up if you can.

    Does the skull and bones society have tremendous political power? Does the bilderburg group control legislation and choose our leaders? Share your thoughts here.

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