The Obama Deception Censored

It seems somebody hacked a YouTube account that had posted the most seen version of The Obama Deception with more that 6.5 Million views. The owner of the account was notified via twitter that the movie had been removed. After rushing home from a cookout he signed on to witness someone in real time deleting uploads.

On friday, Alex Jones an internet radio Icon asked his listeners to ping google and yahoo with searches for the Obama Deception in response to an ever growing amount of censorship on the web. The “mission” was succesful sending the search to the top of the “trend” charts and threatening to launch the Movie posted to YouTube into a new strata as it got 100,000 new views.

Alex now asks all info warriors to search google and yahoo for the terms “Obama Deception Censored”, “Fall of the Republic” and “”.

I fixed the links to The Obama Deception and Police State 4 as they were down.



2 Responses to “The Obama Deception Censored”

  1. Oh, why am I not surprised by disgusting things like this.

    Guess I’ve become too aware….

  2. A list of Obama’s Executive Order use and Abuse – Current list of Obama’s Executive Orders

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