Left VS Right; the false paradigm

I disagree with almost everything said by obbop on liberal vs conservative. I suspect however that he would define “liberal” and “conservative” people differently than would I. I myself am a right leaning libertarian but I vote “conservative” because I have chosen to believe that it is the lessor of two evils.

I think that at least 60% of Americans are libertarian constitutionalists. Some lean right, some lean left. The problem is that right and left have gone so far in either direction they are starting to meet in the middle at total government control. The demographics of both primary political party’s have been designed to divide. The argument has become about which party is more or less unconstitutional. 90% of these people are criminals and have been to a ever growing degree for decades.

Prepare for Government Collapse.

Pray For a peaceful return to constitutional government.


2 Responses to “Left VS Right; the false paradigm”

  1. “Politicians” in the early years of America had actual jobs. They worked and earned a living not what it is now-a title bringing in money so you can speak your senseless mind.

  2. I’ve read through a few posts now – interesting blog, though quite a bit of it smells like conspiracy theory to me. Anyhow, I completely agree that left vs right is a rather useless distiction.
    I also agree with most of your criticisms of the system, though what I miss is some more constructive criticism. I don’t see you putting forth a workable and better solution. (though maybe I only haven’t read that far yet?)

    A movement that only criticizes and basically says “the system sucks” and “everything is shit” already exists – it’s called PUNK. Nothing constructive ever came out of it, because all they did was to criticise and thought their duty to freedom and a better society was done by doing so. They thought they payed their dues by simply hating the system and being as non-conformist as possible. The “info war” you’re “fighting” (this phrasing is the main reason I find it hard to take your views seriously) makes the distinct impression of being exactly the same.

    I’d love to see a post in which you don’t tell us what you’re AGAINST – I think one can get that from reading a few lines out of any random post on this page. I’d love to see you outline the values you stand FOR, the economic system that is workable and yet better more socially just than the current one (I’m sorry, but the only possible way I see in this is more government control, though I’d love to have my mind changed on this one).

    If you think criticizing the obvious flaws of the system is enough, you’re mistaken. That has always been done and was never enough. What makes a better society isn’t naysayers but people who propose BETTER solutions – I’d love to see an outline or even just a rough idea of that on your blog.

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