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Exactly! Gerald Celente nailed it as usual.


Who cares which set of laws the criminal government passes when the country is bankrupt and the people are…less free. Time to get back to basics. politically, governmentally, personally.    

Who cares about the twisted choices. It’s all broken promises! Progressive libertarian. At least for this decade. Learn it Love it. The NEW FIRST PARTY! !

– Constitutional  Government

– Local business

– Local farms

– States Rights

– Free exploration of science

Forces are always trying to manipulate you. I have been approached by an ‘anarchist’ who advised me to “fight fire with fire”. No doubt a secret agent of some sort. 

It’s all theatre! Just a small snippet is documented on this blog.




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Quick links to the full length versions of the last 6 Alex Jones movies are now up. Simply click the banner above to get to the home page. Scroll down a bit and you will see a series of dvd covers on the right hand side of your screen stacked vertically. Click on these pictures and it will take you directly to the full length movie on  utube.

Please watch these movies and disseminate them. Seek out local leaders or experts, do your own research, ask local media to follow up. I do not claim to know the whole truth, I ask you to help me find it and save the republic.


Left VS Right; the false paradigm

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I disagree with almost everything said by obbop on liberal vs conservative. I suspect however that he would define “liberal” and “conservative” people differently than would I. I myself am a right leaning libertarian but I vote “conservative” because I have chosen to believe that it is the lessor of two evils.

I think that at least 60% of Americans are libertarian constitutionalists. Some lean right, some lean left. The problem is that right and left have gone so far in either direction they are starting to meet in the middle at total government control. The demographics of both primary political party’s have been designed to divide. The argument has become about which party is more or less unconstitutional. 90% of these people are criminals and have been to a ever growing degree for decades.

Prepare for Government Collapse.

Pray For a peaceful return to constitutional government.

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