The Obama Dialectic

The actions of the Obama Regime make sense only in one context. Carefull manipulation.

The MIAC Report was released shortly after the inauguration. This report essentially declared war on all opposition. It singled out Ron Paul, Those displaying  Gadsden “Dont Tread On Me” flags, American Flags, libertarians and many more. If you werent a mindless ObamaBot you were to be considered dangerous.

I think to some small extent this might now be true. However, this was before the radical agenda. This report was leaked before the Tea-Party gained any prominence. Someone who would in the future disagree with Obama now knew exactly what to display, who to research and who to vote for in the future.

It is possible this was leaked purposely but even if it wasnt why would the powers that be take the risk? Wouldnt they consider that disseminating this to local officials could expose it to public scrutiny? The leak would of course lead to a galvinization of the opposition. At such an early date it made no sense to do this. 

Of course this just like Gates-Gate was most likely a planned and orchestrated leak manufactured to polarize. Why would Obama or the entrenched power structure want that? The reason is that once he has his opposition polarized he  then demonizes them. There wasn’t even a pause for effect. The demonization was pre-oposition.

Whats next? Obviously Obama’s agenda isnt working and is incredibly unpopular. Unhindered, him and his party continue to drive the car off the cliff. Meanwhile they are all engaged in thinly veiled political warfare with the opposition they created. No dirty dealing is too despotic. Obama starved a region of California for water and then sold 10% to pass his health care bill. Still they laugh, taunt even frame anyone who objects. Why?

The puppet needs an enemy ladies and gentleman. Its not just Obama, or Democrats, or Republicans. Its all of them. It’s the Federal Government being far larger than it should be and a congress that is literally criminal. They each take bites from our freedom and argue about who is worse.

Now they are training the military to police the people which is constitutionally illegal. We are seeing the result of allowing Bush to trample the constitution because of a bunch of rag tag radicals in sandy caves. Now they are radicalizing us and turning it all on the people. meanwhile we dont have a military anymore. We have the most technological armed force on the planet running around the globe policing the people. Now they are preparing to bring them home and turn them on us.

This has been done in history many many times. This is how a que is done. It is text book.

Obama will use a “crisis” to bring the police state out of the closet and straight into our homes.

 On que it came out that the military is now training to disarm and arrest American Citizens. They are also planning on massive “drills”. Its a good bet that a “man caused disaster” will happen same day same place. Watch for it. 

There will be No violence. No suicide. No hate From this “dangerous” blogger.


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