Glenn Beck IS the Puzzle Part That Just Wont Fit.

Glenn Beck has presented a lot of good information. I never really disagreed with him. You could almost say that for a while his off hand comments compiled with the facts he presented truly represented a broad and diverse spectrum of discontent in the union.

finally awake and researching the history of politics I was weary of everybody. I had watched the Obama Deception by Alex Jones for free on you tube. I did some research on him, Although I was impressed with the movie I wasn’t sure about the 911 thing. How could something like that be hidden? It did not seem plausible.

One night Beck calls “birthers” and “truthers” crazy and puts them on oposite sides. For a second this made sense. Then I remembered the Obama deception, and how Jesse Ventura recently came out for 911 Truth. Not to mention the fact that I STILL had not seen a birth certificate.

The way Beck just mixed in his assumptions without any evidence at a key time in a campaign was very suspicious. In addition to this he had done a hit piece on Alex Jones without ever mentioning his name when he “debunked FEMA camps”.

Glenn, however got me thinking about it. I had to research it because Mr. Beck presented NO FACTS.

I started downloading The Alex Jones show podcast for free. Alex’s show was a lot better than I thought it would be. The guests he had on presented more facts than any other talk show anywhere. I expected the ravings of a lunatic and instead I found a diverse and never ending stream of seemingly credible sources. Experts, current and retired politicians. Retired law enforcement, military, pentagon officials. Dr.’s, Lawyers, Judges, Economists, Trend Experts, Historians, all patriots.

I got a membership and was able to watch more than 20 documentary movies that were absolutely jam packed with information. It became clear that if Alex was not legitimate he represented a very large and intricate fraud laid out over more than a decade and a half. The 5min interview with popular mechanics did not a “debunking make”. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Plus Alex Jones doesnt even copyright his material.

More people need to watch these movies and demand some kind of investigation from someone, anyone anywhere. If  Beck believes these people to be crazy than lets have a debate. Lets see the facts Mr. Beck because either way I want this fraud resolved ASAP!            

But the Beckster will do no such thing! His actions don’t quite seem congruent. And he is trying to hi-jack a grass roots movement.

Hey Beck! You wanna “restore honor” why don’t you try sharing the evidence you found so compelling you saw it fit to get down from your Faux podium and sabotage a local election.

Beck just doesnt seem to fit, does he?



One Response to “Glenn Beck IS the Puzzle Part That Just Wont Fit.”

  1. Without regard to ANY of the issues involved one must always remember that the vast majority of those earning their wealth via the radio, TV, print media, whatever and wherever the ultimate reason for their presence is to earn wealth.

    From Rush Limbaugh to Sowell the syndicated newspaper columnist to those with a TV show such as the O’Reilly Factor and the multitude of others the reason for their existence is primarily to create wealth for all involved.

    If Limbaugh could triple his wealth by using a “liberal” slant I wonder how long he would remain a “conservative” or if he would have ever followed that route to begin with?

    For those already wealthy, especially those with ample wealth to pursue a personal agenda, I can envision a general “theme” to influence the public output of a media outlet or conglomerate but the ever-present desire to acquire profit, especially at the corporate level, greatly influences what is presented to the public.

    A few years back I heard a radio commentator with years of broadcast media experience explain why so much of the output upon broadcast media tended to be “conservative” opinion while “liberal” opinions and “liberal” trending output was so rare.

    He explained that the “conservative” view (liberal and conservative are terrible terms due to the many ways those terms can be interpreted and due to the many “shades of gray” between the two extremes). can typically be explained very quickly and simply while the “liberal” viewpoint typically required a longer time period, required a more logical, educated mind to comprehend and that the “liberal” view was not conducive to the 10 second sound-bite the broadcast media so often demands.

    The commentator also explained that the existing “propaganda systems” within the USA, from public education to much of the mass media, corporate entities and the USA political process was generally geared to indoctrinate the public towards a conservative viewpoint, despite the protestations of many who insist that the “liberal view” permeates the mass media and many USA institutions.

    After hearing what seemed to me to be a logical argument for the existence of so many “conservative” viewpoints and viewpoint givers I paid attention to liberal and conservative output on the broadcast media and it does seem the conservative views ARE delivered quickly with many buzz words and short trite sayings with little that one can wrap one’s mental teeth around.

    The “liberal” viewpoint does appear to require more thought, encompass deeper thinking and complex thought processes.

    In a country where sports and entertainment stars are often “heroes” and intellectuals are often scoffed, I can understand why those with a message requiring deeper thinking levels to comprehend will receive fewer viewers/listeners than those whose message is easily understand and agrees with pre-existing beliefs.

    The typical USA citizen does not want to devote the energy or effort to think and those delivering the message want to do the task as easily and quickly as possible and perform the deed as profitably as possible.

    All the above, and more, affects what We, the People, have available via the various mass media.

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