The New Plan! Americans Unite!

The message has been growing.

There IS consensus in America, We just dont know it yet. WAKE UP! And read this!

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong! Dont you see. I’ve been telling you. Its ALL theatre!

It is time to unite the country around libertarian values. restore the republic. We have the power. At this point everybody agrees that we need states rights. America is beautiful because you can live in California in your twenties, New York in your thirties and North Carolina in your 60’s.

If you dont love that about this country and you crave uniformity and  subjugation, I suggest you move to Cuba.

Imagine if the president worked with the governors to deal with the unique problems of each state?

Imagine if our leaders, instead of confiscating our wealth, made it easier for us to give of it?

Imagine if instead of mixing charity and taxation to the point that you can’t even commit an act of civil disobedience they allowed us to give to charity every week with or instead of withholding pre-tax?

What would happen?! Ask yourself!

What would happen if this country saw REAL hope, REAL change, And Real Charity.

Can you see us uniting? 

I can. It is time, I have been watching. I do not consent to this charade.

In november, we will vote out ever single politician who is non-responsive.

A public servant should actively seek out the opinions of his or her constituents. The personal opinions and ideology held by those public servants should frame only the interactions with constituents.

 On the floor or as a matter of public policy actions should reflect some semblance of moderate representation, wile following the constitution.  This is what our founders meant by the “consent of the governed”.

We will vote republican, for now. After that we should all put everybody’s feet to the fire. That means you get involved. That means that you research ALL view points in a relentless quest to understand and identify every aspect of the political agenda.

I understand you are busy and stressed. The fact is that you are that way because the structure is dissending into chaos. I say that the methods of direct government have been usurped. It’s time to reset the republic.

If the Republicans, Independents and 3rd party candidates we elect in November do not become responsive than we vote for somebody else.

We have been in this paradigm wear by which we elect the lessor of two evils because we are afraid. It is that way because we are alone. Alone in our little bubbles. I have been there. It’s okay. If we unite and connect, we can form a consesus without any particular medium or party affiliations. We will know who our neighbors are going to vote for because we talked to them.

The taboo of discussing politics in public life must be at least temporarily suspended. One thing is absolutely undeniably certain. The decisions we make, as towns, states and a country over the next few years will shape the planet in ways some of us may not yet imagine.

I am begging you to be as informed as possible. Even if you are certain your political counterparts are wrong you MUST actively seek to understand their position. ‘

‘Question with boldness even the very existence of God, for if he be real he must value honest debate over blind faith  ‘ -unknown founder


2 Responses to “The New Plan! Americans Unite!”

  1. “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    Defy America’s elite class, corporate America and/or the wealthy/powerful special-interest
    groups at your own peril.

    The elites will do whatever is needed to maintain the
    status quo that is so beneficial to the upper-crust.

    I truly believe that the
    USA’s elites would murder a million or more citizens so as to maintain their positions of
    wealth and power.

    From indoctrination/brainwashing from our earliest years up
    to the threat of incarceration and even death, the elites have created systems and a
    multitude of bureaucracies to isolate themselves from We, the People, and to create a nation
    chock-full of bleating sheep that are often so mindless, so desiring to obey authority, even
    if that authority is not worthy of being obeyed.

    • toptruth Says:

      Obbop might just be right on all counts.

      If these people exist, We MUST fight them.

      Even if it is fruitless.

      Even if it results in the worst pain imginable. If these people exist as Obbop says than all other endeavors are merely a practice in ignorance.

      What is the use in chasing money to buy products you dont need when your government is collapsing into something out of a bad episode of sliders.

      If these people exist than the only thing worth doing on this planet is fighting them with every breath you take.

      American Patriots will Always Fight for Freedom. Always and forever!

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