Tea Party Racism?

Truly the actions of this administration and congress over the last 18 months have been radical.

Behind the scenes Obama is most assuredly poking the bear as Glenn Beck says. My posts about “Gates-Gate” continue to be the most trafficked posts on this blog. I layed out in a series of posts explaining how Obama must have orchestrated that event for his own ends. There is absolutely no question that the Democrats are “fanning the flames”, and they know it.

 I have been to 3 tea party’s now (2 in DC). I went to each as a proudly registered independent from Massachusetts. I have seen ZERO evidence of racism. I saw quite a few camera men at each event. I saw amateurs who were clearly progressives  interviewing tea partyers and having debate completely civilly. If they found ANY evidence of racism I have NO DOUBT that those tapes would have been released.

There was at least 3 groups in DC the day that some unfortunate events happened inside the halls of congress. Obama  had a rally, There was a communist rally. We had the tea party and some pro-lifers. I know there was at least 20,000 people trying to get into the congressional buildings.

Im not shocked at all that a small percentage of these people were racists and were unable to behave themselves. Do we honestly believe the powers that be are shocked? They spent the last year taunting 70% of America. Then Nancy Pelosi walked through a crowd of 20,000+ tea party goers with a massive gavel. She didn’t come out to answer questions. She brought no explanations or justifications. It was nothing but an arrogant display of power.

The Tea Party was called racists from the beginning  with absolutely no proof. Now, we are told someone used the “N” word as the congressman walked by. As far as I am concerned it could have been anyone with any number of motives. One thing is for sure, if it was a tea party person he is not representative of the movement as a whole. I have seen people of all races at every tea party Ive been to.

As I have said before, Obama seeks to divide us because he is owned by the very same people who owned Bush, and Clinton before him. Wall Street is running Washington and that is the problem in this country. Since the economy is  now bankrupt the largest corporations are getting inline to buy off politicians and get in bed with government. The politicians then borrow money from the same private banks that helped bankrupt the economy in order to bail out the collapsing corporations. It is fraud.

Over the past 30 years wall street and private banks have infiltrated washington at the highest levels and committed the very fraud that has landed this nation and the world at the very precipice of economic disaster. These criminals have controlled every presidency since Kennedy and are in the white house right now.

You are living through the greatest worldwide fraud ever seen by the people of Earth. Over the weekend and next week I will be breaking it down and exposing it piece by piece complete with source information and videos from a bi-partisan pool of material. Dont believe the hype.

The video says it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQOwkDJMyZ8


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