Why so much obstruction?

Why are all the “crazy” conservatives and libertarians so obsessed with opposing everything President Obama proposes?

The Health care Bill: When I read the constitution it is very clear to me that based on the original intent of its signers the Federal Government does not have the power to mandate a citizen to purchase a product, nor the authority to spend tax dollars on charity or “objects of benevolence” as Benjamin Franklin put it. Without free will Man cannot be free. Democrats are pushing this agenda by pointing to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as if they are a huge success. The truth is that they are “bankrupting this country” as Mr.Obama said himself.

Socialism: Democrats continue to claim that they are not socialists. The fact is that they are socialists and have used a train of parliamentary tricks and double speak to finish the long walk towards socialism in less than a year and a half. Obama and Pelosi call this progress, No matter what you call it government charity presents a moral hazard. Equalizing outcomes, weather in healthcare, housing  or retirement robs man of his incentive to succeed.

Cap and Trade: President Obama continues to promote cap and trade without even acknowledging the recent proof of the IPCC manipulating the climate facts. Even if Global Warming was true and caused by c02 cap and trade would have little to no effect on global co2 emissions. Instead it would simply ship our heavy industry overseas and as Obama himself said ’cause electricity bills to skyrocket’.

Immigration Reform: We have boarders for a reason. When illegal aliens are given citizenship they are given the right to vote. The candidates they elect write laws and appoint people to posts and positions that effect us and our freedoms directly. The United States of America is unique because our constitution provides for strong individual rights. We see how over the last 100 years these rights have been drastically eroded by a government that chooses to ignore the constitution. This is mostly in response to a public that does not value the rugged individualism enshrined in our founding documents. When masses of people are allowed to stream across the border effecting our demographics we risk loosing our national identity. If the constitution was better protected and the powers of federal government limited the facts would be different. Under the current system we encourage illegal aliens to come here and collect free services. Wether through voter fraud or anchor babies that become voters millions of un-assimilated people are able to literally vote themselves free services. ultimately this will make our country look more like the countries these people fled from originally.      

This administration has dramatically expanded government power and tripled the deficit. Barack Obama plans to add 12 Trillion dollars to the national debt. All this at a time when the world is begging us to get our fiscal house in order.

Illegal bankrupcy managed directly by the president threw away decades of legal precedent giving control of auto company’s directly to the unions while forcing preferred lenders to accept less than 50 cents on the dollar. This is the definition of socialism.

In order to make the health care bill appear fiscally sound congress has annexed an entire industry putting 31,000 people out of work. How congress gets away with adding a takeover of student loans to a health care bill is absolutely beyond me.






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