Jonathan Gruber and Health Care tricks Exposed

Jonathan Gruber  was on c-span gracefully dancing around the truth behind this “health care reform” bill. I would love to take the Pepsi challenge with this guy. Low and behold there was an economist in the room. A young student holding back tears tried to explain to Mr.Gruber that we could not afford this bill.

Gruber responded to questions earlier about costs by saying that costs should be going up. “Why not spend 40% of GDP on health care?”. He said he wanted to quell expectations of cost savings because we should expect them to rise no matter what.

Than after this young man pointed out the fiscal insanity he reverted course and started pushing costs savings again. Saying costs per person would go down. Except he’s including in that the subsidy. Of course the people getting the subsidy are paying less. meanwhile everyone else pays more.

As if that wasnt enough this bill claims to reduce the deficit by taking over the private school loan business. This is so fascistic. All the government controlled corporations have got to go. They put this in there specifically to make the bill look like its spending less. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTHCARE!

AND IT GETS WORSE. Now its come out that all this was planned from the begining. George Soros suprise surprise gave the marching orders on this little trick months ago.

Progressives and democrats love to say that big insurance companies are driving this debate. They couldn’t possibly be more naïve. The insurers got on board right away. They love the idea of the IRS running around demanding people buy more insurance. It is so obvious.

Mostly I want to know I’ll have a bed to die in and enough drugs to make it as painless as possible. I pay my premiums. I paid them even when I was self-employed. I am not however interested in this obsession with health care coverage. The government demanding I have coverage to pay for every conceivable product is tyrannical.  

If I can’t pay that’s life. That’s freedom bro, Love it or Leave it. I don’t want any charity from government for then you are beholden. meanwhile all these charity’s are bankrupting us. And government gets more powerful and the people loaning them money on are behalf (mostly enemy’s) are getting richer.  

Most of the reason healthcare costs are going up is because the federal government keeps cutting reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid payments. This forces doctors to raise rates for everyone else. It is in fact governments role in healthcare that has made costs rise. Why else do you think we pay $50 for an aspirin? because the 10 people before us didnt pay.

This government has said that healthcare by law cannot be denied to people. How can you sell a product that must by law be given away? You cant. This is why the system is collapsing.



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