Pelosi doesn’t care about the Constitution

It’s bad enough that Obamacare is going to pass the House anyway, absolutely destroying healthcare in this country. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is planning on ramming it through without a VOTE!! Never mind the Republic, so much for Democracy. And when it is struck down by the Supreme Court, Obama will again shame SCOTUS in the State of the Union Address.

This is more than a really bad piece of legislation being forced on to the American people. It’s about the “elitist leaders”  of this nation snubbing their nose at the Constitution and doing what they please. Using the “self-executing rule,” as Pelosi is suggesting, is a doorway to governmental tyranny. And don’t even think of voicing opposition, if you do you will be called “racist, bigot, uncaring,” and anything else the elitist owned media can think of to demonize you.

Americans need to wake up and make a stand! Throw all the bums out in November!!


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