My first 29 days as President.

1:Propose a low flat tax on all corporations and individuals and eliminate ALL other federal taxes.

2:Propose a federal ballot initiative system based on a super majority.

3:Eliminate the IRS and establish a new Department created with 15% of current budget.

4:The country is bankrupt the Empire is collapsing. Bring ALL the troops home and circle the wagons.

5:Get back to building a real military and not a federal police force.

6:Audit the Federal Reserve system by executive order.

7:Propose the elimination of the FCC; states can regulate radio.

8:Eliminate the department of education; States and towns know how to best run their schools.

9:Stop all federal funding for charities.

10:Stop promising medicare, medicaid and social security programs for future generations; This government betrayed the people by emptying the “lock box”.

11:Fund the current medicare, medicaid and SS recipients with an aditional flat tax that is tracked completely seperatly.

12:Eliminate the ATF the federal government does not need to regulate legal products with a police force, states can do that.

13:Eliminate Fannie and Freddie and the FHA.

14:Eliminate all of it.

15:Throw the federal budget away and start again with the basic role of government.

16:Seek constitutional amendments to severley limit the power of government and the executive branch.

17:Propose legislation allowing voters to set a third level of flat tax that will go to reduce the national debt.

18:Seek a constitutional ammendment requiring congress to hold a special vote by the people in order to increase the debt ceiling outside of emergencys.

19:Propose legislation requiring the CBO to send a report to every taxpayer detailing the financial state of the nation yearly.

20:Propose legislation requiring the CBO to post real time budget information online and data relating to upcoming legislation.

21:Propose legislation requiring congress to post all bills online for at least five days before a vote is called and no less than one hour per page.

22:Propose legislation allowing states to regulate narcotics within their borders and limit federal authority on drugs to an area surrounding our national borders.

23:Deport Illegal citizens and levy heavy employer fines.

24:Propose legislation establishing a common sense immigration policy.

25:Return to denouncing civil rights violations and refuse to atend events with offenders.

26:Stop ALL overseas funding of anything or anyone.

27:In the place of federal witholding taxes implement an easy way for Americans to donate a percent of their pre-tax gross directly to a charity of their choice.

28:Hold a telivised town hall.

29:Watch the country mourn as Im shot in the head, twice.


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