Stop Mr.Prez Just STOP! IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!

Audacity of Nope-Dj Clayvis

Back by popular demand.

So the Prez finally decided to toss down his healthcare plan. After a year of trying  to bully his party into voting for the pile of bureaucracy Nancy Pelosi and her cronies cobbled together. When asked if constitutional she laughed and asked if that was a serious question. Mr.Obama just kept selling the crappy bill unabated.

If this was HIS plan and is different enough to be better why didn’t he present it a year ago? Why would he parade around pushing something he could just jump in and fix with an 11 point plan?

The reason is that he wants the crappy unconstitutional plan. And since he’s just modifying the bill, all the backdoor government power grabs will still be in play. Mr. Obama had a feeling this all might happen. In fact he counted on it. He thought if he let the wackos in congress run completely off the rails for a year he could then step in and lay the smack down. He thought American Patriots would get tired. 

I know I was damn tired for one. But I also had the distinct honor of voting for Scott Brown and thanks to all the Tea Partys and all the Town Halls and all the freedom loving Americans fighting Big Government everyday we stalled the presidents agenda and I got to take a break and work some extra hours before the Bush tax cuts expire. Gotta Love America.

Write your congressman. Obama doesn’t get to manipulate the American people. He had a year to pass his bill with majority’s in BOTH houses. Now, he can wait untill AFTER the midterms. This bill is good?! It can only get better.



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