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Every Day Is a Tea Party! Time to Turn up the Volume!

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YouTube – 12/3/09 Ron Paul with Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck: Bernanke to be Renominated?.

YouTube – Obama & His Socialist Economists Should Listen to Ron Paul & Peter Schiff.

I simply cannot understand why this country seems completely unable to solve the problems we face and see the world the way it really is. We are looking at 2010 and somehow I feel we still have not moved past 1985.

George H Bush broke promises, fought a war I supported, allowed our fiscal problems to simmer and after pushing Reagan to do the same as VP proceeded to build the republican party around the religious right.

Clinton raised taxes like his predecessor. But after being reigned in by a Republican Congress Clinton reformed welfare and proclaimed the end of big government. Clinton also fought a war I supported, took over the lending practices of banks and deregulated the way they package and market their loans.

Republicans capitalized and George W Bush became the next president. Bush made an effort to address the growing social security problem but was stymied and terror quickly became the leading issue. Soon he would start but not finish two wars and despite some effort allow the banking crisis to unfold without ever really communicating its danger to the people.

When things started to collapse I for one was relieved at first. Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and others explained how the whole thing would unfold years before it happened. I figured that people would wake up and demand answers. I felt we could get through it and fix the problems. When Bush started bailing out troubled corporations I shook my head. Couple Billion here Couple Billion there. Nobody was talking about the deeper issues.

Nobody really thought it was a good idea to start bailing these losers out. Within weeks they demanded another 800Billion. I was flabbergasted. I emailed congress, I emailed the president. I cussed them all out in public. I was disgusted.

In the meantime we were electing a new president who openly advocated “spreading the wealth”. Things were starting to get scary fast. Politics changed, we were witness to a merger. Global Corporations were effectively bought out by our government under the threat of marshal law.

Our Federal Government went from too big to truly massive. Embroiled in two wars I had supported and flat broke our president quickly eliminated any lingering doubt. The fiscal insanity would continue unabated.

Previously I held a quiet suspicion that my leaders were corrupt and inept. After feeling completely betrayed by Bush I lost all faith in government officials. No longer did I extend to them any modicum of trust.

Before long I would answer a call. This Government which had long ago abandoned the constitution as our founders intended it was now completely out of control.

I found myself commenting on other peoples blogs. I suggested we March on DC a Million strong. I protested at my State Capital in what was called the second Boston Tea Party. It was not easy to walk through downtown Boston with a sign held high attached to a piece of strapping that was wrapped with three red, white and blue work shirts. But I did. And even after the media called us Racists I did the same thing in DC on the 4th of July. Attending these events was not fun, relaxing or free. I did it anyway.

I started blogging mostly for therapeutic reasons. I needed a platform, I had to be heard, I wondered if I was alone. I blogged nearly everyday. I endeavored to follow as much of the news cycle as possible. It was nice to see many of my fellow citizens standing up as well.

Without any political leader a movement emerged to fight the big government agenda and my blog received over 11000 hits. After four months of amateur news analysis I found myself emotionally drained. I was planning to go to my 3rd Tea Party in a year and it promised to be the March I had called for the past spring.

I was packed and on the road. I faced a 30 hour pilgrimage to DC and back since I could not afford a hotel room. I had the cooler, The ice, Sodas, Some sandwich ’s and a driving CD. I was on the highway after working a long day when I realized I didn’t have my digital camera. The trip died but something new was born.

I watched the news coverage of the September 12th tea party and I felt something strange. I was disappointed. We had a truly massive march that day. Maybe half a million people. The capitol city was overrun with Americans from allover the country, it was a huge accomplishment. It was the end, It was the beginning. It was another shot across the bow of Big Government.

The feeling persisted. I knew that our work to build a coalition and start a movement had succeeded. But I knew that it was not enough to really accomplish anything. Thanks to a mostly corrupt media our message was muffled. I knew it was time to turn the page. I could spend no more energy on the blog. I was searching for the next step.

Many of you have recognized the failings of our government for some time. You might have discussed politics with friends, family and punched your ballot.

I’m here to issue a new call to service. The time to fight for your principals is right now, TODAY.

I am launching the next faze in my war against big government.

The Fathered By Liberty Group will endeavor to put some muscle behind all the picket signs and protesting. The left has long ago learned how to organize the community, its time we did the same,

Through the FBLG I have laid out a political platform that is instep with the constitution as our founders intended it.

Through community outreach we hope to enlist our neighbors in the fight by circulating petitions door to door and demanding that new candidates sign our pledge.

FBLG chapters will work to enlist 300 peaceful militia men and women in each state. These folks will serve as a measured response to ACORN and union thugs. They will protest during business hours at state capitals and local congressional offices.

FBLG will never accept funding from political party’s, currupt corporations, government or any proxy’s for these usurpers. To be effective and congruent we must be funded by a grass roots movement.


More to Come.

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