ACORN Helps You Get Your Pimp Game On!

You MUST see this. ACORN caught on tape advising a young couple on how to set up and operate an underage prostitution ring. Why is it that everyone around our president is filthy and corrupt?

YouTube – ACORN Prostitution Investigation – J. O’keefe Part 1.


2 Responses to “ACORN Helps You Get Your Pimp Game On!”

  1. ACORN is ridiculous. The whole organization is corrupt and needs to be shut down. We have no use for their wasting of our tax dollars.


  2. I have watched all the videos and posted about them myself. They are like bad SNL skits except these are no parodies. As I said on my blog, we knew ACORN was rotten. The fact it happened at five different offices in five different cities shows that it is not just one batch of bad apples (or acorns if you will) at one location, but rather a systemic issue within a nefarious and corrupt organization. Their hiring practices are rather dubious judging by the people these two undercover journalists interacted with. ACORN is circling the wagons, but it should just dismantle and get it over with.

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