Peace on Earth

We want people to be happy.

We want them all to have everything they need.

Everyone wants utopia, Everyone wants good health care and homes and cars and most of us truly care about our neighbors. I would love to see people giving alot more to charity.

2950726234_f945e064d8[1]What many of us have forgotten is that charity by force is not charity at all. In fact it is the opposite, It is theft, It is a form of slavery. Its been done time and again and it ALWAYS ends in complete disaster. The end of this road is a disaster outside of your ability to imagine,

People talk of the end of capitalism. You cannot end capitalism, capitalism cannot collapse. A fiat currency can, A collectivist regime can. An Empire can surely collapse.

Capitalism is in the very essence of man. Barter and trade and economy no mater how hard you try. No matter how many guns you have or cells you build you cannot stop mans desire to create and trade and better himself. Capitalism isn’t just an economic theory. Capitalism is a state of Man.

All other forms of government are to varying degrees the control and slavery of mankind. Everyone should participate in charity weather giving or receiving but when you force it upon a man you are taking from him his very right to live. By a million pin pricks, By a thousand small cuts the collective saps the very life of man and then throws him away when he is no longer use full.

When you live under your fathers roof you live by his rules. When the government pays your way you live by its rules. How else could they maintan support for the police state? 40% of us don’t pay taxes. Is it any wonder 40% of us want free healthcare and everything else?

Nothing is free. Collectivism by force can never work. This did not start with Obama but it will end with him or we will all be enslaved under global collectivism. Socialism, Communism and Progressivism are merely forms of forced collectivism and are an abomination.

These are all inescapable truths that cannot be denied by the honest and interested mind. This is not about Democrat or Republican. This is a battle for the very spirit of man. Government is to blame, not one party or another. Institute Small Government now or loose an idea man has fought for since time and memorial. No one has ever controlled the Whole Planet. Continue to usher onto our shores collectivism and this whole planet will fall under the boot of the UN and whichever obscenely rich robber barons can buy them off.

In 8 days on September 12th you are needed, Fight Big Government. March on Washington! Join a local Tea Party. We need every Freedom  Loving Man and Women!




God gave man free will. Who would take it away?

July 4th 2009 075


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