YANK YOUR KIDS! OBAMA = 1984 Orwell / Take it from a Cambridge Student.

Obama plans to address your children in a 45min speech that he will ask teachers to show in public schools. Why does he not ask parents to share this with children? If you have not seen the movie 1984 or read the book by George Orwell you need to do this now. This is EXACTLY the way communists, socialists and fascists have committed horrors and enslaved the masses for century’s. The parallels are endless and you could predict Obamas next move by watching 1984, reading the book or reading Animal Farm (very short read) also by George Orwell.

I went to public school in what might be the most liberal city in America, Cambridge Massachusetts. Cambridge is home to Harvard University and the world renowned MIT. Cambridge is also a “sanctuary city” [this means its policy is NOT to ask people about their citizenship and will not report illegals]. Cambridge, a suburb of Boston is also in what might be the most Liberal State in the Union.

I attended 7 schools in MA and I can tell you all about what your nationalized public schools will look like. Through the years teachers insinuated that the right to bear arms might mean that you were free to wear a tank top, another teacher advised us to tell our parents to vote Democrat and support teachers unions. In middle school a teacher rolled in a TV for the OJ verdict. I cannot tell you how wrong that was in a racially mixed setting. These schools are indoctrination camps and I have no doubt it will only get worse.

Here in Massachusettes one high school made Obamas book Dreams of my Father mandatory reading. 12 parents complained and it was made optional. That day Jim Browdy called these parents idiots in a nasty rant. I grew up here and have seen this all coming. Still I am shocked, Shocked and Afraid. I have ALWAYS been a student of history and I long ago abandoned the progressive movement.

This was predicted.All of this has been orchestrated. NOTHING is coincidence. 

I’m begging you to get educated, make up your mind only AFTER looking into ALL sides of the argument.


YouTube – Obama Speaking To Schoolchildren “Creepy,” Says Ingraham.


2 Responses to “YANK YOUR KIDS! OBAMA = 1984 Orwell / Take it from a Cambridge Student.”

  1. Truly the most absurd kerfuffle since Obama came into office – even more absurd than the benighted “birth certificate” controversy. The brouhaha over this broadcast indicates that certain conservatives have completely lost touch with reality. It’s particularly galling that folks who willingly heed Sean Hannity’s call to “give us three hours a day, every day, that’s all we ask” are now crying “BRAINWASHING!!” at the idea of Obama addressing schoolkids for half-an-hour.

    • Calling something absurd does not make it so. That is the most contrived analogy I’ve heard this week. Politics do not belong in public schools, period.

      Even if the analogy was sound, who says I want to expose my children to Sean Hannity?

      The constitution requires presidential candidates to prove eligablility before congress. You should read the constitution because clearly you are not aware of the fact that one must be a NATURAL born citizen to be president. Natural Born Citizen means being born on US Soil to 2 citizen parents.

      There is a reason for this and it is a good one. I say this as someone who is NOT a natural born citizen. Its not hard to imagine why our founders wanted the president to be a 2nd generation American.

      You need to get informed because you are being deceived. You are performing a disservice to your country.

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