Michael Smirconish/Obama speaks the TRUTH.

Obama was on The Michael Smerconish show yesterday discussing health care.

I wont be doing the blow by blow commentary on this one because for the most part nothing new was said. In fact when you look past the wordy hyperbole The Prez actually did more to further my argument than his.

For people who don’t believe anything until a Democrat says it you should know that Obama now admits that ‘medicare and medicaid will bankrupt this country’ . A couple ticks later Obama said ‘people called Roosevelt a socialist when he did social security, and people called Johnson a socialist when he created medicare’ .

So all you people who think socialism is a racist codeword have heard it from the messiah, Every president that implemented socialism has been called a socialist. Color has nothing to do with it.

So he admits all the democrat social programs are destroying the country and his answer is to enlarge them with more government?

Obama knows that these programs have ALWAYS been called socialism, they were all steamrolled through congress by democrats despite populous outcry’s. But still democrats ridicule Americans for calling a rose a rose! Maybe its THEM that are confused about the meaning of socialism. And guess what the democrat president has now admitted these programs are a disaster. He’s admitted they will bankrupt us, he’s admitted that despite a government imposed monopoly the Post Office is loosing 7Billion per year and is 10B in debt.

Now Obama is seeking support from Religious leaders, trying to sell the plan on humanitarian grounds. 

This should not be an emotional descision, there are examples of government health care everywhere and they are all failures. There are a lot of good free market ways to fix health care. The problem with this economy is that the Feds are pulling all the levers.

Read my page on Obamas healthcare special.

If you only listen to those you agree with you need to start hearing the other side.

This would be a huge mistake.

Get rid of the incumbants and then MAKE the new congress reform healthcare in a free market way.

MAKE them cut taxes and shrink government.

ANYTHING else will result in long term economic decline.


2 Responses to “Michael Smirconish/Obama speaks the TRUTH.”

  1. Long term economic decline is inevitable until you deal with the underlying problem. The increasing levels of indebtedness amongst the general public will lead to a shrinkage economy. The only reason there is a hole in the finances is because the FIRE sector pays less and less while the average household, worker, consumer pays more and more.

    The more citizens are paying on their debts, the less they have to spend in an economy which leads to businesses either closing down or letting workers go, which continues until the underlying systematic deficiencies are dealth with.

    The richest 1% of America owns around 65-70% of the nations wealth and since the beginning of the 20th century, they have subverted the national taxation system which used to tax unearned income at high rates while around 90% of the population paid little or no tax at all. The taxation system has been subverted by lobby interests and it is no surprise to see that the largest contributors to Obamas election funds were the financial, insurance and real estate sectors.

  2. “….Every president that implemented socialism has been called a socialist. Color has nothing to do with it.”

    My favorite line I’ve heard all day. People arguing that Obama isn’t a socialist or isn’t supporting socialist bills need to stop for a second and erase all negative connotations out of the word “socialist” and just look it up. I’m sure they’ll find that the definition and Big O’s acts match up perfectly.

    Love the blog and the post.


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