Dont you get it? Look around.

The Government IS the Banks, Banks are the Government, The Government owns auto companys in cahoots with the unions, by Government dictate. 

Stay wuth me…

The Banks owe the Government for lending them money which the Government Borrowed from…


The Federal Reserve….Umm did I say CHINA yet.

Okay whats the Federal Reserve again? The Fed is the cantral bank and is owned by…well banks.

But doesnt the right to issue currency reside with congress? Yes but the Federal Reserve act of 1913 abrogated that power to the Federal Reserve. But theoretically the treasuery department and other Presidential apointees still oversee the Fed…Kinda…Who knows.

Anyway…So lets get this right. The Gov borrowed money from China and The Fed to bailout Banks which own the Fed kinda which is also owned kinda by the Government.

The Government borrowed money to bailout Banks and Auto companys. The Fed is monitizing the debt. So how can the Gov pay back the debt? They dont make anything…They’re definetly going to have to get this money from us. Okay so they will raise taxes.

Isnt that bad for me? Wait maybe they will only tax rich people? Yes the powers that be right now will definetly tax rich people before me so I should be fine.


The experts are saying that when the Gov taxes rich people it hurts poor people the most. Im confused, lets try to figure this out. How can taxing rich people hurt poor people? I know, of course, the rich guy who owns the small factory that employs me might pay me less, or he might raise his prices. Even if he takes the hit he might layoff the maid, or go out less and my daughter babysits for him often. Boy, I guess if raising taxes on the rich hurts me I better make sure the government spends my money well or Im just getting robed.

I think Im starting to get this economic thing. Seems to me the Government can only waste money. Surely Im glad to have police and fire protection and such but its obvious the more they do the more money and wealth they destroy.

Not only that but when I die, the debt I owe does not pass to my children. When the government owes money my kids have to pay that back. My god! I cant beleive this! The Government has robed from my children to bailout banks, I better pay damn close attention to what the Gov wants my grandchildren to pay for…


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