No More Public Option? Sebelius; “not essential”.

Looks like the Obama administration is backing away from the public option.

Im sure theyre realizing that this was really the weakest link since it would be clearly unconstitutional and could result in the supreme court looking into the legality of all these Government funded tax payer subsidized ‘free market’ corporations.

We need to keep the focus on all the reasons to beware of congressional healthplans. We should start moving towards a talking point that Health Reform starts with Tort Reform. I would like to see a bi-partisan oposition bill that began on that note. Also we should cut taxes on the health care inustry as a whole. Lets remember that it is Government Interference with health care that has gotten us to where we are now.

We MUST use these opertunitys to remind the public of the MASSIVE body of evidence in existence that links virtually ALL our economic woes with government interference.


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