Im so tired of people acting like once elected an officials is mandated only to respond to the desires of voters. Democrats are now acting asthough since Obama won the election any opposition to his agenda is unamerican and undermining the democratic proccess. Even if a majority of Americans wanted these health care plans (which they dont) that would NOT provide congress with the power to implement it.

America is a Constitutional Republic, that means that all officials are bound first by the constitution and responsible to needs of constituents second. It is the duty of every citizen to know and understand the INTENTION of the founders when they wrote this document and others like the bill of rights and the declaration of independence. Our representatives are grosly underinformed about these issues and it is our responsibility to inform them.

What will America look like in 10-20 years if we do not stand up for our rights now? No matter what they say you have a right to petition government for a  redress greivences and you have the right to abolish any government which is no longer responsive. Many of your constitutional rights are being undermined. The constitution demands that each citizen be equal under the law. How does affirmitve action not undermine your right to equal protection? How can the government subsidize corporations it owns with tax dollars when those corporations compete against companys owned by its own private citizens?

These are just some obvious breaches, you need to get informed.

July 4th 2009 103


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