Socialism a Racist Codeword?

From the day he became president anyone who opposed Obama was called a racist. Now the term “Socialist” has been dubbed a racist code word. Lets apply some simple logic.

Remember all the crying people when Obama became president. “I never thought I would see the day”. Why did so many black people think this? It’s because they KNOW someone is holding them down. They can feel it, as a community.

I used to think that racism was a dieing disease. I was wrong. So who is holding them down? At a recent town meeting a black women who was opposed to Obama’s health care plan said ‘we [her race] are being pimped’.

She’s right! So who is ‘pimping’ black people? The Democrats are! Heck the dems have been pimping black people ever since they stopped supporting segregation. Before that it was Democrats that were denying women the right to vote. Did you know that a Republican freed the slaves?

Of course not. MSDNC doesn’t report such things. Stuart, Mahr, Mathews these people would never udder those words. So most people think the Democrats are for the little guy. Dems would stand on the wharf giving handouts to people as they got off the boat and telling them to vote democrat. Sounds like something a pimp would do to me.

So for decades dems have been in charge of helping the poor, minorities and unions. Black people? feeling any better out there? NO! Things have gotten MUCH MUCH worse for the black community since dems started ‘helping’ them. Jesus said “teach a man to fish” these people want to give everything away for free. Are they just generous people? They raise tens of Millions and then give away other peoples money. No they want control, They want the Vote. THEY WANT TO PIMP YOU!

If Democrats have been using and misusing minority’s for decades isn’t it obvious when they start calling anyone who disagrees a racist they’re revealing the true reason they made a black man president. Democrats INCLUDING Obama AND his buddy Deval Patrick STRONGLY (visible through their own actions) appose school vouchers and charter schools. MILLIONS of inner city black children have been denied a decent education. For over a decade Democrats fought against these programs that are PROVEN to work by bringing the FREE MARKET into education.

Obama, Deval, all of them have deprived a generation of black children a good education simply to protect teachers unions. These unions are pimping the teachers too. Most of all they’re all hustling, law abiding Americans and its time we put a stop to it.

The only reason rich white democrats ever put a black man in power is so they could call the oposition racist. Its incredibly obvious if you have the FACTS.


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