Town Halls/Obama Tells Americans ‘No More Talking’/’Teabaggers’ Fight Back



YouTube – Obama Remarks on Healthcare – Bloomberg.

This is a re-post. With an amendment.

“this mess” as Mr.Obama puts it was created by MANY (if not all) of the democrats in congress now that are suposedly solving these HUGE problems. Health Care is a Democrat mess, Fannie/Freddie and mortgage derivatives are a democrat mess. 

So dont blame Americans Mr.Obama!


Mr. President there is no agreement. There is no consensus. You are a snake oil salesman, a con artist. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a narcissist who wants to remake the best thing that has ever happened to the hopes of humans in your own twisted image.

We have yet to live up to the greatness of our founding but your attempts to apologize for us are an insult. I count among our greatest errs the fact that we have allowed a government bureaucracy to emerge that has presented us with ridiculous choices among which you are the most foul. You are a sad excuse for an American president and a complete rejection of everything an American leader should be.
Although the people of this nation are not perfect we are among the most caring, charitable people on earth. We will not be shamed into silence, We will not be pushed around by thugs. The policy’s of your administration, your party and in general the federal government are in direct conflict with the constitution and the laws we respect. Your vision is not ours and we reject your socialistic tinkering with our country in the middle of dire economic conditions.
 I’m putting YOU on notice; Bully the American People at your own political peril.


Fellow Citizens;
Mark my words. Putting the government in charge of your health care will not only reduce the quality and quantity of your care in the short term it will also mean less care for future Americans than would otherwise have been. Reducing the free market effect on any industry will surely lead to the weakened strength of the consumer to find his needs met.
Please read my page on Obama’s ABC healthcare promo located on the right side of your screen, it rebukes many of Obama’s healthcare policy’s in detail.

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