Phil Hendrie is a Commie Turd so Manufacture this Robert Gibbs!

banner[1]PhilHendrie is a syndicated talk show host. His show is out of California, it runs 1:00-400am on the east coast. Monday Night Mr.Hendrie opened with a rant denouncing those apposed to health care, calling them idiots. Among other things Mr.Henry said ‘what the heck is wrong with socialism anyway.’

Well Mr.Hendrie the problem with socialism is that it will not work, It has never worked and will never work. The more you subsidize something the more of it you get.

Subsidize trading in old cars and tons of people will do that, subsudize not having health care and tons of people will not have health care. Subsidize being a dope and everyone will smoke weed sit on the couch and collect government money.

Not only does socialism not work, it is completely unamerican and in my opinion unconstitutional. This is the wholesale abrogation of individual liberty. This is the road to Orwellian Stalinism, dictatorship and fascism. Not to mention national bankruptcy.   

I’m watching you progressive dumbasses institute a socialistic regime and you’re surprised that we are protesting?


Acorn is manufactured! Center for American Progress is manufactured!

The ACLU is manufactured! Obama is manufactured!

What you are witnessing is the REAL America.

Phil Hendrie is the biggest dope on wheels. Who the fuck gave this guy a job? Phill is always taking staged phone calls from the same guests over and over again.

Phil Hendrie, the Truth is His Bitch? Yeah Right.


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