I am James Crowley

Sgt James Crowly is a true American hero and deserves the support of his community and country. There are some who say that he overreacted when arresting Mr.Gates. Police Officers put themselves in danger every day to protect the civil society. When you act threatening you’re putting yourself in danger of arrest.

This is a free country and you have freedom of speech, but you cannot be allowed to threaten and intimidate law enforcement officers in public. Mr. Gates refused to show the officer his ID and verbally accosted him. Had he decided to stay in his house he might have gotten away with it even if the officers had stayed outside until satisfied that there was not a crime in progress.

Harvard Scholar DisorderlyI beleive that had a white man acted this way he probably would have been handcuffed BEHIND his back. The charges may NOT have been dropped and NOBODY would have noticed a thing.

Maybe that’s not fair, or unconstitutional. Heck add it to the long list of government abuses. But certainly NOT racism and its NOT the fault of the Officers on the job. Maybe if they werent confronted everyday with people who want to intimidate and assaultthe community they might not be so jumpy. They merely enforce the policies of the people YOU elect. They are forced to deal with illegal aliens who Liberal Leaders have allowed to stream over the border and into citys like Cambridge.

The only people guilty of profiling in this case are those who assumed the Police were wrong headed racists. Mr. Gates, Mr. Obama and anyone else who insulted the nations law enforcement officers should take a long hard look at themselves. 

It is unfortunate that the presidents actions put so much national and even global attention on this small civil matter. Please see my post from Last week for my thoughts on Mr. Obama’s motivation.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ A multiracial group of police officers on Friday stood with the white officer who arrested a prominent black Harvard scholar and asked President Barack Obama and Gov. Deval Patrick to apologize for comments the union leaders called insulting.




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