Obama acts Stupidly and WHY.

After spending the last month demanding congress pass a health care bill before summer recess. Mr.Obama now says ‘its okay” if they dont get to it untill fall, as long as they keep at it. Nice of him to give them permission to go on break but they had already made that descision on there own.

About half of these guys are up for reelection in 2010 and they are very aware that we have a large movement to vote them all out. Congress is getting absolutely inundated with calls voicing oposition to the health care and cap and trade bills. A vote was planned for this week but it had to be canceled twice when democrats realised that many of their own members would vote against it.

THE CALLS ARE WORKING! They are getting scared. Keep calling, and if you have not called your senators and reps start now. Find out where your congressmen stand and get involved. Many democrats are on the fence and if thats the case then get on the phone, it is your oportunity to serve the country. Talk to your freinds, get together and have “telathon to save capitalism” where you all take turns on the phone. This monday your reps will be home in their districts, get everyone together and show up at the office. This WILL get there attention and it WILL make a difference. The time to act is NOW!


So have you heard about “GatesGate”? GatesGate really got going Wensday night durring Obamas final push for Health Care. The last question asked was one by a reporter from the Chicago Sun, She asked him about Henry Louis Gates. Mr Gates is a harvard proffesor who was arrested for disorderly conduct after acusing a Cambridge Police Sargeant of being a Racist.

Mr.Gates was release and the charges dropped after Massachuesaettes Governor Deval “Cadillac Kid” Patrick made a call to the mayor. When asked about it Obama said that hes not aware of all the facts, he might be biased because the man is a friend but that “Cambridge Police acted stupidly”. Many people are guessing that since this reporter and Obama are known to be freindly the question was a plant to keep everyone from talking about his failing health care agenda.

New pages are underconstruction now that will break down the presidents press conference and delve much deeper into what I beleive will become known as “GatesGate”.


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