Sometimes it Sucks to be Right.

Not that Im suprised but the Dems are already starting to talk about stimulous2 and bailout2. I knew this would happen. They know that its not working and so in order to defend their previous actions they must now continue the same failing policies. If they produce a stimulous2 that will work (cross the  board tax cuts) republicans would point out that they wanted to do that the first time. I warned you about this and now they’ve made me right.

Any 12yr old who has played simcity can tell you that if you spend every penny and operate hand to mouth when there is a problem you will have a deficit, if you try and simply tax your way out of it you will deepen the rescession. If you try and spend your way out of it you will go bankrupt. Its simple economics really. You have to have a rainy day fund and you have to cut taxes in hard times. The only good argument for the level of taxation we have now is so that you can drastically cut them in a rescession to spurr ecomic growth. Most modern presidents set the bar pretty low but Obama is running this country like a Bannana republic.

Get ready for a very rough ride my freinds.


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