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Glenn Beck Called Obama a Racist?!

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1st of all the liberal shock is ridiculous. The idea has been discussed ad nausea already because of things that Obama said as a senator. “Typical White Person”, “Economic Justice” etc…

So when the media acts like its crazy to think the president could be a racist they are engaging in blatant propaganda. The way Obama handled Gates-Gate is simply ANOTHER example in a string of things pointing to that possibility. Heck he even nominated a racist  to serve on the supreme court.


BlackTino Liberal Juan Williams along with many other minority’s expressed extreme concerns and in some cases disgust in reaction to Obama’s saying “the cambridge police acted Stupidly”. Barrack Obama weighed in on a local matter that involved his “freind” Henry Louis Gates and after admitting he didn’t have all the facts assumed the police were in the wrong.

The you tube of Juan Williams and other pundits of various races are in the non-believers page located on the right side of your screen. Decide for yourself.

Mr. Gates refused to show the police officer his Drivers License. He yelled at him, called him a racist, referred to his “momma”  Mr.Gates in his own words “Got in his Face” he said  “Do you know who I am?” “You don’t know who you’re fucking with”. Clearly Skip Gates is in the wrong.

images[8]I believe that both Gates and Obama are too smart to make these mistakes. I watched all this unfold thinking that it made no sense. Gates calls Jim Crowley who might just be the LEAST racist white cop in the country a racist, gets himself arrested despite Crowley clearly doing everything he could to avoid it. This is an ivy league educated southern black man who has surely seen REAL racism.

Mr.Obama Is a Harvard graduate who spent a year on the most televised campaign in modern history. AFTER saying he was biased AND didn’t have all the facts he paused thought about it and said the word “stupidly”. Are you kidding me? Am I living in Bizarro Land where up is down and down is up?

It is obvious to me that this was an engineered event designed to divide, anger and distract. Obama got to change the subject after bungling his health care agenda and outright lieing about the cost of the proposal. Gates will surely make millions over his career due to the extra exposure the president gave him.

The only other explanation is that these two men are incredibly stupid. We know they re the result of affirmative action, but maybe these Ivy league campuses are more watered down than we thought. Is it possible that this is the level of intelligence previlent on the Harvard campus?

120972845562768[1]Either way I am disgusted by this whole event. This was supposed to be the “post-race” presidency. Obama was supposed to be smarter than George Bush. If this wasn’t done intentionally than Obama makes Bush look like a goddamn Isaac Newton.


America Collapsing?

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33111101[1]Ever since a Russian professor predicted that America would collapse, the question has been hanging in the air. Is that possible? Could America collapse? I was recently asked this durring an interview with Russian TV and here is the answer I didnt have time to give. 

The answer in my opinion is yes, and as soon as a people start to think its not possible it starts to become ever more probable. Any government can collapse no matter how big or powerful. Having said that I think there is a far more important question that needs answering. Why should Americans fight to preserve the union as it is today?

The USA is a polarized nation. Its been building for quite sometime but today July 27th 2009 I sense a schism in our populous that may indeed be catastrophic. At this point Americans are divided more or less into two groups broadly defined by our two political parties. Instead of trying to nail down platforms and the politics of specific candidates lets look at the basic ideological differences one encounters in the political arena.

Conservatism is more or less the default American ideology. Conservatives believe in the status quot, they generally like the country the way they found it and they don’t want to see anything change too quickly. Conservatives believe that the Government should follow the people as it evolves. IE: Supporting the individual and letting groups of individuals drive social and political change rather than government engineering outcomes, markets or social hierarchy.

Liberals or Progressives believe that a government needs to sheperd its people. Liberals believe in forced charity along with things like Affirmative action via racial quotas. When presented with a societal problem a liberal will always first look to a government solution. Although its not exactly mainstream knowledge progressives have been quite open behind closed doors as to their greater agenda. They never liked the country as it was constituted and have been slowly changing it through judicial activism and misinformation. In short the liberal prefers a more European style of governance very similar to the socialist states we now see in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

How can these two ideologies be married? It is my opinion that on a National level they cannot. Over the last century we have seen states rights dissolve and the Federal Government become more and more bloated. We now have 7 states that have invoked the 10th amendment and declared state sovereignty. So far this has been mostly ceremonial but there are very serious secessionist movements in  both Vermont and Texas. These two states embody the battling of our two dominant ideologies and yet they both wish to suseed from the union. How can that be?

The reason is that states are loosing their rights. One of the things that makes this country the best in the world is that we have very powerful local government’s. People traditionally have been very active locally (although we see this diminishing over the past century). Our local governments can look drastically differentfrom state to state and this is our strength. The idea is that states can each try there own ideas and see what happens. Inevitably good ideas will be copied and people are always free to move to a state that might better reflect them.

Within this system any myriad of ideologies can be accommodated relatively easily. The problem is that a national party has been trying to institute its agenda across all state lines. Its very difficult for conservatives to compete in today’s America because they lack the excitement progressives have. Conservatives are forced to play the bad cop to the liberals good cop. Democrats have posed national solutions to all problems across the social political spectrum. Poor people and minoritys need welfare, social security affirmative action universal health care food stamps and a whole host of other programs at least in part subsidized by the federal government.

Every election cycle since Woodrow Wilson progressives have stood up and told voters about the new and exciting programs that hold the promise of bettering lives immediately. Conservatives are forced to enter into longwinded arguments about legitimate roles of government and free market solutions that will of course take time, patience and hard work from individuals. Its simply not as exciting, Americans want what they want now, they don’t want to wait and they revere the aggressive solution.

Despite all this every major progressive movement has been met with a huge backlash. At heart Americans understand that their country IS special and they dont want to loose that. What was the liberal response? Immigration. Liberals in the 1970’s drastically changed this countrys immigration policy. Senators like Ted Kennedy passed amnesty and created a chain migration policy.

It used to be that we let in so many people from each country and we made no bones about the fact that we wanted a lot of those people to be educated. In short we wanted to let in the amount of people and the kind of people that would make the country stronger. This was all changed and millions of immigrants were given citizenship simply because they had family who were granted amnesty.

These new Americans were told by the rich elitest liberals that the collective owed them. Their votes were bought with handouts and special programs. They had not been assimiliated as our grandparents were so they didnt have a deep understanding and respect for what is great about this country so most of them voted democrat.

Coupled with a welfare policy that subsidized the disintegration of the black family (search thomas sowell on you tube) America for the first time had a massive subculture of disinfrachised dependents. The baby-boomers had also been brainwashed in a mass movement fueled by demographics as they all went into adolescense at the same time.

Many single white women in northern states voted democrat because they were told if they didn’t evil southerners would take away there reproductive rights. Maybe they would have. The point is that these women were not voting for socialism (knowingly).

Now in 2009 you are witnessing the culmination of the last 100 years. Our country IS being remade. I have no problem with states employing liberal solutions, but when it is done on a national level I regard it as criminal. Liberal politicians are voted into the oval office by slim margins and then spend money that disproportionately benefits their constituents and harms the rest of us. We now have one liberal state literally going bankrupt and many many others with severe fiscal crisis. in 2008 Texas created more new jobs than all the other states combined. All states are not created equal.

When people in Texas, Montana, Alaska, South Carolina and Utah decide theyre not going to pay the ever growing federal tax burden or bow to the opressive regulation of their markets what will the anti-war liberals do? 

I wonder if they will send troops to anex a state government that has declared its sovereignty and decided to protect its citizens from the Federal hegemony. Will American troops go home to fire on their familys? Or will the feds bring in the UN to enforce its fiscal policy? If this seems far fetched to you you’re not paying attention. These questions will not go away.9c17f1fcda566c02[1]

If we do not return to a small federal government and re-institute states rights as they were intended by our founders our nation could very well collapse into civil war.

Obama acts Stupidly and WHY.

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After spending the last month demanding congress pass a health care bill before summer recess. Mr.Obama now says ‘its okay” if they dont get to it untill fall, as long as they keep at it. Nice of him to give them permission to go on break but they had already made that descision on there own.

About half of these guys are up for reelection in 2010 and they are very aware that we have a large movement to vote them all out. Congress is getting absolutely inundated with calls voicing oposition to the health care and cap and trade bills. A vote was planned for this week but it had to be canceled twice when democrats realised that many of their own members would vote against it.

THE CALLS ARE WORKING! They are getting scared. Keep calling, and if you have not called your senators and reps start now. Find out where your congressmen stand and get involved. Many democrats are on the fence and if thats the case then get on the phone, it is your oportunity to serve the country. Talk to your freinds, get together and have “telathon to save capitalism” where you all take turns on the phone. This monday your reps will be home in their districts, get everyone together and show up at the office. This WILL get there attention and it WILL make a difference. The time to act is NOW!


So have you heard about “GatesGate”? GatesGate really got going Wensday night durring Obamas final push for Health Care. The last question asked was one by a reporter from the Chicago Sun, She asked him about Henry Louis Gates. Mr Gates is a harvard proffesor who was arrested for disorderly conduct after acusing a Cambridge Police Sargeant of being a Racist.

Mr.Gates was release and the charges dropped after Massachuesaettes Governor Deval “Cadillac Kid” Patrick made a call to the mayor. When asked about it Obama said that hes not aware of all the facts, he might be biased because the man is a friend but that “Cambridge Police acted stupidly”. Many people are guessing that since this reporter and Obama are known to be freindly the question was a plant to keep everyone from talking about his failing health care agenda.

New pages are underconstruction now that will break down the presidents press conference and delve much deeper into what I beleive will become known as “GatesGate”.

MAYO Clinic Echoes the Truth

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The Mayo clinic has been cited by Obama as examples of hospitals who have done something similar to his ideas around cutting costs. 

They released this statement on 7/16/09:

“…The proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients…the real losers will be the citizens of the united states.”

7/20/09-Obama Remarks on Healthcare and My response.

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wolf_in_sheeps_clothing[1]YouTube – Obama Remarks on Healthcare – Bloomberg.

 Mr. President there is no agreement. There is no consensus. You are a snake oil salesman, a con artist. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a narcissist who wants to remake the best thing that has ever happened to the hopes of humans in your own twisted image.

We have yet to live up to the greatness of our founding but your attempts to apologize for us is an insult. I count among our greatest errs the fact that we have allowed a government bureaucracy to emerge that has presented us with ridiculous choices among which you are the most foul. You are a sad excuse for an American president and a complete rejection of everything an American leader should be.
Although the people of this nation are not perfect we are among the most caring, charitable people on earth. We will not be shamed into silence, We will not be pushed around by thugs. The policy’s of your administration, your party and in general the federal government are in direct conflict with the constitution and the laws we respect. Your vision is not ours and we reject your socialistic tinkering with our country in the middle of dire economic conditions.
 I’m putting YOU on notice; Bully the American People at your own political peril.


Fellow Citizens;
Mark my words. Putting the government in charge of your health care will not only reduce the quality and quantity of your care in the short term it will also mean less care for future Americans than would otherwise have been. Reducing the free market effect on any industry will surely lead to the weakened strength of the consumer to find his needs met.
Please read my page on Obama’s ABC healthcare promo located on the right side of your screen, it rebukes many of Obama’s healthcare policy’s in detail.

Glenn Beck/”MELTDOWN”/Boston Caller

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My state is a an abomination. A complete and udder rejection of its history. A forlorn collective of hypocritical rejects and their groupies foisted upon a distracted people to the utter disgrace of a Nation in the very land of its birth. 

And the libs call this a meltdown?

Glenn was practically an Ice Cube.

YouTube – Glenn Beck Meltdown on AIR!!! 7/15/09.

Bailout Refresher-You Tube:Glenn Beck

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So many bailouts…So many uninformed citizens. Bone up on your Bailout history.

YouTube – Glenn Beck Explains The Federal Connection,Bear Stearns Corruption.

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