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Mad as Hell … Tea Party – July 4, 2009!

Posted in Current Events on June 30, 2009 by toptruth

This is a great video.


YouTube – Mad as Hell … Tea Party – July 4, 2009!.


Things that make you say HMMMMM…

Posted in Current Events, Foreign Policy, National Defense, SCOTUS on June 30, 2009 by toptruth

Lets see..

The leftist president of Honduras was ousted by a Military action sectioned by his own congress.

This was done after he tryed to abolish term limitations. Just a coincidence a lawmaker from NY proposed several months ago we abolish ours too.

Obama calls for the  presidents return to power.

We have troops there. We better keep our eyes on this…

YouTube – Obama concerned by coup in Honduras.

SCOTUS Rules on Reverse Rascism

Posted in SCOTUS on June 30, 2009 by toptruth

SCOTUS ruled 5-4 to overturn Judge Sotomayor’s rascist ruling. This ruling is a good step towards ending affirmitive action as it is unconstitutional. Equal protection under the law is one of the most important rights we have.

Republicans should use this as evidence of Soto’s bias along with her own statements to that effect. I have no doubt she will be confirmed but I must say that what we are seeing today is astonishing. I beleive this moment will be looked upon in the future as one of the most shamefully destructive acts ever perpatraded on our country.

Sotomayor will sit on that bench working everyday to destroy the constitution for the rest of her life. She will be infringing on the rights of our children for decades.

Climate Change is JUST Hot Air

Posted in Climate Change=Global Lie on June 28, 2009 by toptruth

My gosh…

The Dems are going full bore and republicans are on a short leash right behind…

Polls are now revealing that most Americans dont beleive in Global Warming. In response they are changing the language and pushing forward now wile they have control. The Cap and Tax bill passed the house with 8 republican votes.

The simple fact is that its getting colder again. Our orbit has cycles and brings us closer to the sun about every thirty years. Now we will go into a cooling cycle. TIME magazine was screaming about a global ice age right up untill they started screaming about global warming about 30yrs ago. In 99 we peaked and have been slowly cooling since. This was predicted by REAL scientists since they know the orbital cycle. Scientists also insist that there are many other factors that contribute to our climate such as sun spots and underwater thermal vents.

The Big Gov Politicians are creating a new market that will consist of high priced permits to emit gasses. They admit they will give them away for cheap at first and then start raising the prices. This is a scheme and all it does is give the government more power to Tax its people and minipulate markets. Political power is easily sold off to Global Corporations and big buisiness.

Most importantly even by their own figures the effect will be minimal and cost astronnomical.

If the system is ever taken down it will cause a huge bust in the to be created carbon credits market. Business that was forced to invest in the credits would then loose untold millions. So although business is against this now, Once its passed there will be a growing movement to protect it as investment into the make believe market grows. 

Get ready for a lost decade if this passes along with the rest of the Big Gov policy’s.




Obama protects Arab Princes from 9/11 lawsuit

Posted in SCOTUS on June 28, 2009 by toptruth

C heck it out folks…

Inside job, Outside job…

Everyone can agree this reaks…

Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit.


Posted in Current Events, Economics, SCOTUS on June 26, 2009 by toptruth

This is hilarious,

Obama did something that made me happy!

The criminal organization ACORN is running your census.

They have a super informative new package of questions that most Americans will have a problem answering.

They plan to try and fine you $5000 if you refuse to answer.

I’m happy to have ANOTHER great reason to march on the 4th!

If they think I’m answering this or paying a fine they are nuts.

I was already considering withholding some of may taxes as an act of civil disobedience.

Will you roll over for the Federal Government?

Will you fight for your rights?

Will you defend the constitution?



No New Stimulous….YET

Posted in Economics on June 24, 2009 by toptruth

So we all know that the stimulous, the one that was rushed through congress….was back loaded to spend most of the money in the years leading up to the presidents reelection campaign, right?

Also the Congressional Budget Office (the only bi-partisan government budget office) said that we would be better off without the stimulus altogether.

Now we have a bill that was rushed through congress under an emergency pretense to save our economy. We know most of the money wont be spent untill after the rescession has passed. We know it most likely wont be of any help to us anyway…

So why is our non-biased media asking our supposed president if there will be a stimulous 2?

And why is he saying “not yet”? He hasn’t even spent the first trillion!

How long does he think we will buy this for?

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