National Ballot Initiative

The Libertarian Vice presidential candidate from 08 (insert name) was on the Beck show tonight and kind of jokingly suggested a tax payers union. Obviously there are already various organizations that lobby on behalf of tax payers. But this kind of jived with something that’s been bouncing around in my head.

We need a National Ballot Initiative. Just about every talking head has spent a few ticks on this one but I think its something we all need to grab onto.

Ballot Initiatives are incredibly powerful. I believe they would be even more powerful in the states that have them if State Law wasn’t so often overwhelmed by Federal Power.

If we the people had a National Ballot Initiative process congress would be forced to respect our will. It would open the door for a whole host of new ideas and debate, more people would get involved. We might disagree on some things but it seems like every American feels there Government is (or has been in the not so distant past) completely off the rails. We can all agree we need more control!

We could have voted on the bailout it happened just before election.
We could vote in the Fair Tax.

We COULD have a National Tax Payers Union to which anyone could pay dues right through payroll at work. 

We could empower ourselves instead of worthless elites in Washington.


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